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About 65 miles to the start of the keys, and they go on for another 90 miles.


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The Keys are 120 miles long. Miami to Key West is 159 miles.

There are many miles between the Florida Keys and that location of Miami, Florida. It is a bit farther than Titusville, but not as far as Jacksonville. It is accurately about 169.55243 miles away.

265 miles between St.Petersburg and Miami.

There are about 58.033 miles between Miami, Florida and Bimini, Bahamas.

The distance between Pensacola and Miami is about 672 road miles.

The Keys are 120 miles long. Orlando to Key West is 393 miles.

The Keys are 120 miles long. Melbourne to Key West is 332 miles.

how many miles on the high way are between naples Florida and Miami Florida

The distance between Miami, Florida and Seattle, Washington is approximately 2,735 miles.

123.54 miles. Naples and Miami are two amazing cities!

The driving distance is 2,359 road miles from Phoenix to Miami.

Miami to Las Vegas is 2,170 air miles.

The Keys are 120 miles long. Sacramento to Key West is 3194 miles.

The Keys are 120 miles long. Orlando to Key West is 393 miles.

The distance between Miami and Port (Cape) Canaveral FL is about 212 road miles.

The distance between San Diego, California and Miami, Florida is 2269 miles (3652 km).

The distance between Phoenix AZ and Miami FL is about 2,359 road miles.

That would be about 3,050 miles.

195 miles and 316.76 kilometers.

It is 912.32 miles according to MapQuest.

The distance between Cape Town and Miami is 6652.01 nautical miles.

The Keys are 120 miles long. Singer Island to Key West is 240 miles.

Distance between Miami, Florida, United States and Canc

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