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About 6000 miles. Happy swimming :)

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How many miles is Japan to UK?

The flight distance from japan to UK is 5,792 miles / 9,321 km

How far is it from the UK to Japan?

The distance between United Kingdom and Japan is 5814.60 miles (9357.44 kilometers).

How many miles away is japan from the UK?


How many miles between Liverpool UK and Peterborough UK?

180 miles

How many miles between Birmingham UK to chester UK?

76 miles

How many miles is it between the UK and London?

London is IN the UK.

How many miles between UK and Croatia?

About 830 miles.

How big is Japan compared to the UK?

Land mass UK 94000 sq miles Japan 146,000 sq miles Population UK 59million Japan 127.3 million

How far is it from Sudbury Suffolk England to Tokyo Japan?

There are 5899.739 miles between Sudbury, Suffolk UK and Tokyo, Japan.

How many miles between Plymouth Docks UK to York Racecourse UK?

334 miles

How many road miles between Cardiff and abergavenny?

The distance between Cardiff, UK and Abergavenny, UK is about 32.1 road miles.

How many Road miles between Holyhead and Swansea?

The distance between Holyhead UK and Swansea UK is about 170 road miles.

How many miles between Bristol UK and southamptonuk?

105 miles

What is the distance between japan and the UK?

Great circle distance between London and Tokyo is 9561 km or 5941 miles

How close to the equator is Japan?

This distance between Japan and the equator is 8987 miles (as the crow files) whereas the UK (London) is 5698 miles. Therefore UK is closest. Read more

How many miles between the UK and Norway?


How many miles between California and UK?


How far is it from Royston to Mt Fuji?

There are about 5908.454 miles between Royston, UK and Mt Fuji, Japan.

How many miles between London UK to Boston Massachusetts?

3,281 miles

How many miles are between Edinburgh and London UK?

390 miles approx.

How many miles between Liverpool UK and Hamburg Germany?

723 miles

How many miles between Birmingham and leicestre UK?

The distance is 42 miles

How many miles is it between London and UK?

London is in the UK so where do you mean? London to where?

How many miles between Florida and Cardiff UK?

The total distance, as the crow flies, between Florida and Cardiff, UK is 4,267 miles, or 6,867 kilometres.

How many miles between mauritius and UK?

12 hours flight, 9000 miles