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How many miles can a hybrid drive?


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The Ford Escape drives 33mpg and the Prius drives high 40s or low 50s.


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It depends on a few factors. At very least you would have to know your car's gas mileage as well as the hybrid car's gas mileage as well as the price of gas and how many miles you drive. You can calculate your total savings by converting to a hybrid car by using the Hybrid Car Calculator, found at or A hybrid averaging 40 miles per gallon versus a standard car with 25 miles per gallon will save $9,300 over 200,000 miles when the price of gas is $3.10.

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Unfortunately, one hybrid does not represent the entire line of models. Each make of a company's hybrid uses more or less miles per gallon than the next one, such as for regular cars. You'll have to be more specific as to which hybrid.

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