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There are 8,576 miles from Africa to North America. Traveling by air, the estimated flight duration would be 17 hours.

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How many miles from Africa from north America?


How many miles from North America to Africa?


How many miles did early human travel from Africa to north America?

the early humans traveled about 50,000 miles to get to America

Approximately how many miles did early humans travel from Africa to get to North America?

over 5637 miles

How many times can north America fit into Africa?

Africa measures 11,668,598.7 sq miles - call it 11.7North America measures 9,540,000 sq miles = call it 9.511.7 divided by 9.5 gives 1.23 - a little under one-and-a-quarter times.

How many miles are there between Africa and North Carolina?

400,000 miles

How many miles is Antarctica?

It is about 5.4 million sq. mi. and is the fifth largest continent after Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. Hope this helps.XD

How many miles is north America in sq miles?

North America covers about 9.54 million sq miles (24.71 million km²).

How many miles of roads are there in North America?

100000 miles

How many miles is Africa north to south?


How many miles is the far south of Africa to the far north of Africa?


How many miles long is Africa from North to South?

its about 23,000 miles across africa from north to south or top to bottom ( . )( . ) random lawnmower pic .-./

How many miles from North America to Europe?

Approximately 3,733 miles.

How many continnents have north of the equator?

Completely:North AmericaEuropePartly:AfricaAsiaSouth America

How many square miles are there in North America?

The continent of North America covers an area of approximately 9,450,000 square miles (24,490,000 square kilometers).

How many Cocker Spaniels are in China Japan Africa North America South America?


How many miles long is Africa?

North to south, Africa is approximately 4,500 miles long. East to west, the country is about 4,000 miles across, at its widest point.

How many continents are in northern hemisphere?

Five: North America, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

How many contients?

There are 7 continents; Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

How many contintents?

There are 7 of them. North America,South America,Asia,Africa,Antartica,Australia,and Europe

How many contents are there?

7 ,the Arctic, Asia,Africa,Eurpope,South America,North America,Austrila

How many continents are in western hemisphere?

Five: North America, Europe, Antarctica, South America, and Africa.

How many contenients?

There are 7: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica

How many conteneints are there?

7, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, and Australia

How many continents are around the world?

There are seven continents- Asia Africa Europe Australia North America South America Antarctica There are technically only 4: America (North & South America) Afroeurasia (Africa, Europe & Asia) Australia Antarctica