El Salvador

How many miles from California to el salvador?

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The air distance from Los Angeles, California, to San Salvador, El Salvador, is 2,297 miles. That equals 3,696 kilometers or 1,996 nautical miles.

The air distance from Sacramento, California, United States of America, to Santa Ana, El Salvador, is 2,581 miles. That equals 4,153 kilometers or 2,242 nautical miles.

El Salvador - 8,124 square miles.

El Salvador is 8,121 sq. miles

The total distance from El Salvador to Montreal, Canada is 2,363 miles. This is equivalent to 3,802 kilometers or 2,053 nautical miles.

The size of El Salvador is 8,124 sq miles (21,040 sq miles).

It is about 8,124 square miles in area.

El Salvador has an area of 8,124 square miles, making it about the same size as Massachusetts.

San Salvador, capital of El Salvador, is 941 miles north of the Equator. That equals 1,514 kilometers or 818 nautical miles.

there are two seasons in el salvador

The driving distance from Los Angeles, CA to El Salvador is about 2,830 miles.

The air distance from San Salvador, El Salvador, to Washington, D.C., is 1,888 miles. That equals 3,038 kilometers or 1,641 nautical miles.

When California is on Standard Time, El Salvador is two hours ahead. When California is on Daylight Saving Time (mid-March to early November), El Salvador is one hour ahead. 4 AM PST = 5 AM PDT = 6 AM CST

well... Columbus sailed from Spain, to the place called San Salvador(El salvador)it is about 5261.96 miles long.../.

The shortest driving distance is 2,841 miles. The flight distance is 2,308 miles.

\the area of El Salvador is roughly 21,041 sq km which translates to about 8123.975 mi².

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there 10./00 lakes in el salvador

it's 1,972 miles from Arizona to El Savador but you can't get there by car

The capital and largest city in El Salvador is San Salvador.

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