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The distance between London, England, and Madrid, Spain is 1,035 miles.

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How many miles is England from Spain?

It is 680.98 air miles from England to Spain.

How many miles is Barcelona Spain from London England?

930 miles

How many miles is there from england to spain?

London to Madrid air miles 785.05

How many food miles from Spain to England?

that doesn't make sence

How many miles from Trinidad to London England?

4422.76 miles (7117.55 kilometers) from London to Port-of-Spain.

How many air miles is it from bournemouth to valencia?

About 781 air miles to Valencia, Spain from Bournemouth, England.

How many air kilometers is it from London England to Majorca Spain?

Air kilometers from London, England, to Palma, Majorca, Spain, total 1,340 kilometers. That equals 833 miles or 723 nautical miles.

How many miles from Liverpool to Alicante?

The distance between Liverpool, England and Alicante Spain is approximately 1,049 miles.

How many miles from London England to Malaga Spain by car?

There are 1414.8 miles from London to Malaga. It will be about a 24 hour drive.

How far away is Spain from England?

Spain is 3376 miles away from England or is 3214 miles away from London air port to Madrid air port

How many hours behind is Spain than England?

Spain is not behind England. Spain is an hour ahead of England.

How far is it from Leeds England to Murcia Spain?

About 1,000 miles.

What is the mileage from PortAventura Spain to Worcester England?

The air distance from PortAventura, Salou, Catalonia, Spain, to Worcester, England, is 784 miles. That equals 1,261 kilometers or 681 nautical miles.

What is the air mileage distance from Manchester England to Barcelona Spain?

The air distance from Manchester, England, to Barcelona, Spain, is 862 miles. That equals 1,387 kilometers or 749 nautical miles.

How many miles is it to Barcelona from Manchester?

The air distance from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, to Manchester, England, is 862 miles. that equals 1,387 kilometers or 749 nautical miles.

How many air miles luton murcia?

The air distance from Luton, England, to Murcia, Spain, is 962 miles. That equals 1,548 kilometers or 836 nautical miles.

Distances between London and Barcelona?

How many air miles between London. England, UK, and Barcelona, Spain

How many square miles is Spain?

Spain (Kingdom of Spain) - 195,364 square miles.195,364 square miles.195,364 square miles.

How many driving miles from Essex England to Granada Spain?

There are 1357 miles from Essex to Granada. The trip should take 21 or 22 hours.

How many miles is from England to manila?

How many miles is from England to manila

How many miles is Spain located?

Spain is around 195,364 square miles.

How many sq miles is Spain?

Spain covers 195,364 square miles.

Is Spain and England close?

They are about 1260 km apart, or about 783 miles.

How many square miles are in Spain?

The Kingdom of Spain has an area of 195,364 square miles.

How many nautical miles from US to Spain?

7,696 nautical miles from US to Spain .