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How many miles from Milwaukee to Florida?


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1050 miles to the Florida state line.

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It is 1,263 road miles according to Google Maps.

It depends on what point in Milwaukee you start from and what point in Orlando that you end in. Generally, the distance is approximately 1210 miles.

It is about 163 miles from Milwaukee, WI to Lacrosse, IN.

To Milwaukee it is about 373 miles and to Miami it is about 1220 miles.

From Milwaukee Wisconsin to Orlando Florida is 1,247 miles, about it takes about 19 hours and 24 minutes by car.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is 96.8 sq miles (250.7 km²).

How many miles from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Grand Rapids on car

It is 1,264 miles accoording to Google Maps.

How many miles from Mississippi to Florida

From Milwaukee to San Diego is about 2130 miles

The distance between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the country of Japan is 6,236 miles. Milwaukee is located 9,178 miles from the South Pole.

Distance from Honolulu to Milwaukee is 6811 kilometers or 4232 miles

The flight distance from Milwaukee, WI to Scottsdale, AZ is about 1,455 miles.

The total distance from Milwaukee to Orlando is 1,065 miles. This is equivalent to 1,714 kilometers or 925 nautical miles.

There are about 232 miles between Milwaukee, WI and Medford, WI.

The flight distance from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to London, England is about 3,920 miles.

It is 1,046.43 miles according to MapQuest.

The distance between the start point and the destination is 1,369 miles, and will take approximately 21 hours 13 minutes of driving time.

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