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How many miles from San Diego to Mexico border?

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It depends. The San Ysidro and Otay Mesa communities, belonging to greater San Diego are right across the US-Mexico border, so distance would be 0. If you are counting from the San Diego city center, distance would be around 22 miles. If you count from Miramar in northern San Diego, you would need to drive over 35 miles to the border.

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How many miles from the us border to Tijuana Mexico?

Tijuana is right at the US-Mexico border. On the other side of the border you have San Diego, CA.

How many minutes from San Diego to Mexico?

To the border of Mexico,it is 540 miles and takes 8 hours and 51 Mins

How many miles is California away from Mexico?

None, as Mexico and California touch. At one time California was inside Mexico.

How many miles from Tijuana to the Mexico border?

Tijuana is right at the US-Mexico border.

How many miles of border does the US have with Mexico?

1952 miles

How many miles between San Diego California and Tijuana Mexico?

San Diego and the communities of Chula Vista and San Ysidro are right on the border. If you headed for the border from the Mission Bay/La Jolla area it would take you about 40 minutes to get to the border.

How many miles is from Boston to Mexico?

2159 miles to the border at Laredo.

How many miles is Mexico from Albuquerque?

You can make the border in about 270 miles.

How many miles from Canada border and Mexico?

255485 miles away

How many miles from the California border to the Mexiacan border?

California borders Mexico.

How many miles is it from chicago to mexico?

It's about 1350 miles to the border, about 2100 miles to Mexico City, about 2800 miles to Cancun.

How many miles between San Diego CA and Mazatlan Mexico?

1100 miles

How many miles of fence on the us Mexico border?

Approximately 700 miles

How many miles is it from San Antonio to Mexico?

It's about 150 miles to the border.

How many miles from Palm Springs CA to Mexico Border?

about 120 miles

How many miles from New Mexico border to Phoenix Arizona?

about 215 miles

How long is Florida's border along the Gulf of Mexico?

How many miles is the Gulf of Mexico?

How many miles from Arizona to Mexico?

Arizona shares a common border with Sonora, Mexico.

How many miles does New Mexico State border with Mexico?

about 179 & a half

How many miles away is Mexico from California?

Zero. Mexico and California share a border.

How many miles form California to Mexico?

At the California/Mexico border it is a matter of inches.

How many miles are between San Diego California and Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

1,110 miles.

How many nautical miles between San Diego Ca and Ensenada Mexico?

Nautical miles from San Diego, ca to Irwindale ca?

How many miles is Mexico from east to west?

Mexico tapers. At its widest (the border with the US) it's about 1500 miles across. At its narrowest, (northwest of its southern border) it's about 200 miles across.

How many miles between Mexico and the US?

At their closest point, Mexico and the US are 0 miles apart, as they share a border.