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Q: How many miles from ayia napa to limassol?
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How far is limassol to ayia napa?

3000 miles

How many miles is it from ayia napa to nicosia?

51 miles

How many miles between nicosia and ayia napa Cyprus?

54 miles

How many miles between paphos and ayia napa Cyprus?

105 miles 105 miles

Where are ayia napa hotels located?

Ayia napa hotels are located in many different counties.

What is Ayia Napa's population?

Ayia Napa's population is 2,693.

When was Ayia Napa F.C. created?

Ayia Napa F.C. was created in 1990.

What is the distance from larnaca airport and ayia napa in Cyprus?

Hello. The distance between Larnaca Airport and Ayia Napa is 40-50 kilometers depending on where in Ayia Napa you want to go.

What is the currency for Cyprus in ayia napa?

Euro is the currency for everywhere in Cyprus not just in ayia napa.

What is the distance from larnaca airport Cyprus and ayia napa?

The distance from Larnaca Airport, Cyprus, to the resort town of Ayia Napa is about 38 miles. That equals 61 kilometers and requires about 40 minutes of driving time.

Where are Napa homes located in the UK?

Napa homes in the UK are located in Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa is located in the Republic of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus is located in the UK and uses the Euro as currency.

How do you say hello in ayia napa?

You can say Yia, pronounces as in Ayia. That means hi!

How far is Ayia Napa from Nissi Bay?

its 5 minutes to the center of ayia napas square by car.

What insects will i come across in ayia napa?

Some of the insects to watch out for in Ayia Napa are the biting flies and mosquitos. Additionally some spiders that live in the region also bite.

What can teens do in Cyprus?

Go to clubs in Ayia Napa or if not old enough, go to the beach! Also Waterworld which is the best waterpark in Europe is in Ayia Napa and is well worth going to!

Where is the area called Ayia Napa located?

Ayia Napa is a resort on the Southern end of Cyprus. It is famous for its sandy beaches. Apart from being a family destination, it has become a "party capital".

What time is it now in ayia napa?


Is nissi beach north of Cyprus?

No, its in Ayia Napa

How far is olympic lagoon ayia napa to vangelis hotel portara?

It's about 6 miles, but a very nice drive along the coastline to get there.

How long is a flight from gatwick to ayia napa?


Where can one find information about holidays in Ayia Napa?

You can find information about holidays in Ayia Napa online at the Low Cost Holidays website. Alternatively, you can also find information and reviews about this holiday at the Trip Advisor website.

What is the swift code for Bank of Cyprus ayia napa branch?


Where can you book a car hire in Ayia Napa?

In Ayia Napa, Cyprus one can book a car hire, which means rental car, at Force Rent A Car. That firm is the first entry one finds when searching online, and Force Rent A Car location in Ayia Napa is shown on a map. If one is looking online there are other online options through car hire firms based in the U.K.

How long does it take to travel from paphos to ayia napa?

About 2 hours and a half

What are the main towns in Cyprus?

Larnaca,Ayia napa,Nicosia,Limasol,Pathos