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How many miles from portland Oregon to Costa Rica?


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The distance between Portland, Oregon and San Jose, Costa Rica is:

3349.3191685517313 miles

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Costa Rica - 19,729.81 square miles.

Costa Rica is 175 miles wide

Costa Rica - 19,729.81 square miles.

What is the distnace from Minnesota to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has around 1100 miles of beaches.

According to Google maps, there are 2,116 miles beween Ohio and Costa Rica.

...Costa Rica is 1290 kilometers (802 miles)1290 KILOMETERS

How many miles are there between boston and san jose, costa rica?

The driving distance from Miami, Florida to Costa Rica is about 3,500 miles. The flight distance is about 1,115 miles.

the distance between Costa Rica and Sweden is 9736 KM

The air distance from San Jose, Costa Rica, to Hilo, Hawaii, is 4,766 miles. That equals 7,670 kilometers or 4,142 nautical miles.

The air distance from Boise, Idaho, to Alajuela, Costa Rica, is 3,007 miles. That equals 4,838 kilometers or 2,612 nautical miles.

The air distance from Orlando, Florida, to Alajuela, Costa Rica, is 1,285 miles. That equals 2,068 kilometers or 1,116 nautical miles.

The driving distance from Chicago IL to Costa Rica, Edgewater, FL is 1,150 road miles, using I-65 South.

that depends on the starting point (the US is quite a big country so the starting point matters considerably). let's assume that your starting point is 3 major American cities: New York to Costa Rica: 2200 miles Los Angeles to Costa Rica: 2700 miles Miami to Costa Rica: 2000 miles

The distance from Columbus to San Jose (Costa Rica) is 2074.6 Miles.

The distance from Calexico to San Jose (Costa Rica) is 2540.7 Miles.

Air distance from Hilo, Hawaii to San Jose, Costa Rica is 4,766 miles. that is 7,670 kilometers. It is 4,142 nautical miles.

The air distance from Miramar, Costa Rica, to the Equator is 698 miles. That equals 1,123 kilometers or 606 nautical miles.

Rica in Costa Rica means "rich". Costa Rica means "Rich Cost".

The air distance from Boca Raton, Florida, to Limon, Costa Rica, is 1,142 miles. That equals 1,838 kilometers or 992 nautical miles.

Air miles from Chicago, Illinois to San José, Costa Rica total 2,210. That is 3,557 kilometers. That is 1,921 nautical miles.

costa rica. Costa Rica are Spanish words.

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