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15 miles following M61 MANCHESTER.


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Bolton is about 10 miles north of Manchester. west of wigan in the United Kingdom

how many miles is it to rochdale to Manchester

The Wigan Warriors Rugby team is located in Wigan, in the Manchester region of England. The Wigan Warriors Rugby team plays at the DW Stadium which is also located in Wigan.

Wigan Athletics's home stadium is the DW Stadium (formerly JJB Stadium), in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester It is 400 miles from Cornwall to Manchester

It is approximately 177 miles from Luton to Manchester.

25 miles taking M62 (WEST) - MANCHESTER.

There are about 300 miles between Aberdeen and Manchester.

The flight distance from Wigan, United Kingdom to Cornwall, Canada is 3,170 miles.

182 miles from Ebbw Vale to Wigan.

yes aspull wrestling club the fields wigan road aspull wigan greater Manchester

Manchester, England is about 200 miles from London, England.

Distance from Manchester to Dubai is 5661 kilometers or 3518 miles

The distance from Cairo to Manchester is 2333 miles (3755 km).

The distance from Manchester to Makkah is 3109.9 Miles.

Antonio Valencia the Ecuadorian footballer joined Manchester United from Wigan athletic.

The Wigan Athletic v Manchester United game on 22nd Augusut, 2009 was shown live on ESPN2, setting a channel audience record with 374,799 viewers.

1 mile from manchester to concord

01942 is the area code for Wigan and the surrounding area. Wigan is located in Greater Manchester, in the North West of England.

Manchester, New York, has an area of 37.8 square miles.

Shipley is about 42 miles northeast of Manchester.

Leigh (population 43,000) is a town within the metropolitan borough of Wigan, in Greater Manchester

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