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Distance between London, England, United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia 10562 miles (16997 km) (9178 nautical miles)

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Q: How many miles is Australia from UK?
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How many miles is it from Dewsbury UK to Perth Australia?

Approximately 9,050 miles.

How many air miles UK to Australia?

The air distance from Bath, England, United Kingdom, to Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, is 10,199 miles. That equals 16,413 kilometers or 8,862 nautical miles.

How many miles is it from Manchester UK to Sydney Australia?

The distance from Manchester to Sydney is 10563 miles (17000 km).

What is the distance in miles from Manchester UK to Brisbane Australia?

The distance between Manchester, UK and Brisbane, Australia is 10246 miles (16489 km).

How much larger is Australia than UK?

UK 242910 square kilometers (93788 square miles)Australia 7682300 square kilometers (2966368 square miles)Australia is 31.6 times the size of the UK

How far is it in miles from Oldham UK to Melbourne Australia?

10,534 miles

How many miles between Sydney Australia and Manchester UK?

The distance between Sydney and Manchester is 10563 miles (17000 km).

How far is it in miles from London UK to Melbourne Australia?

gay AnswerAbout 10,000 miles

What is the distance by sea from UK to Australia?

Twelve thousand miles

How many miles are there from Enfield UK to Willetton Western Australia?

The flight distance to Perth is 9,010 miles. From the airport in Perth to Willetton is another 12.5 miles by car.

How many miles is it from Ireland to Australia?

It is 123453343333333.57474544455 miles from Ireland to Australia

How many miles from caloundra qld Australia to Byron bay qld Australia?

how many miles from caloundra Australia to Byron bay australia

Distance to Australia from the UK?

About 15 000 kilometers/9533 miles

How far away is Australia from UK in miles?

Around 15,000 from London

How many square miles in UK?

The UK is 94,526 square miles

How many square miles are in UK?

The UK is 94,058 square miles.

How many miles is it from Glasgow UK to Boston UK?

About 310 miles

How many miles from Africa to UK?

its probably about 200 miles from UK

How many miles from UK to Cameroon?

It is 3,427 miles from the UK to Cameroon.

How many miles is it from peterhead UK to ayrshire UK?

213 miles

How far is Perth Australia from the UK?

The average flight distance is 9,000 miles, depending on where in the UK you start from.

How many miles from Sheffield UK to Sydney?

The air distance from Sheffield, England, United Kingdom, to Sydney, Australia, is 10,536 miles. That equals 16,955 kilometers or 9,155 nautical miles.

How many miles is Iran from Australia?

There are 6827.662 miles between Iran and Australia.

What differences are there between the UK and Australia?

Most of Australia is desert, Not the UK. Australia has tropical forests, not the UK. Australia has masupials,not the UK. Australia is in the Southern hemisphere. Not the UK. Australia is a Continent Not the UK.

How many times would England fit into Victoria Australia?

The UK is larger by area. The UK covers just over 94,000 square miles. The area of Victoria is less than 92,000 square miles