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120 miles.
About 120

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How many miles from lerwick to Edinburgh?

Around 350 miles, of which about 220 miles is aboard the Lerwick to Aberdeen ferry. The easiest way is to fly.

How many miles between Aberdeen and Edinburgh?

Approximately130 in a car, 120 on foot or 90 by jetpack.

How many hours by train from Aberdeen to London?

The journey via Edinburgh is 2 hours 50 minutes from Aberdeen to Edinburgh then 7 hours 13 minutes from Edinburgh to London and covers 531 miles. Plan for extra time to change trains in Edinburgh cheers, Skunkfarmer ... New Hampshire USA

What is the distance between Edinburgh and Aberdeen?

about 120 miles. Which, in other words, is about 2 hours.

How many miles from leeds to aberdeen?

Leeds to Aberdeen = 351.4 miles

How do you get to Aberdeen from Edinburgh?

The best way to travel between Edinburgh and Aberdeen is train. You could also drive or take a coach.

How far from Scotland to London by car?

Edinburgh and Glasgow to London by car is about 400 miles. About another 100 miles if you are travelling from Aberdeen.

How many miles are between Aberdeen and London?

There are about 510 miles between Aberdeen and London.

How many miles are between Aberdeen and Manchester?

There are about 300 miles between Aberdeen and Manchester.

Where about is Aberdeen in Scotland?

Aberdeen is on the north -east coast of Scotland, about 130 miles north of Edinburgh. If you like, its just under the tip of the 'nose' on the east side of Scotland

How many Marriott Hotels are there in Scotland?

Four. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dalmahoy.

Which is the biggerest Aberdeen or edingburgh?

The population of Edinburgh is around 450,000 and Aberdeen 200,000.

How many miles from Blackpool to Edinburgh?

Blackpool to Edinburgh is 197 miles.

How many miles is it from Edinburgh to Devon?

Edinburgh to Exeter is about 450 miles

How far is it from banff to Edinburgh Scotland?

170 miles taking this route:Take A947 ABERDEEN, from Banff, to A90 DUNDEE, via A96 towards ABERDEEN, at the junction outside of Aberdeen.Take A90 to M90 EDINBURGH, and then continue on M90 to the City of Edinburgh, via A90 across the FORTH ROAD BRIDEG and then into the city itself, entering the city on Queensferry Road.

Is there a IKEA in aberdeen?

No! Nearest is in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

How many miles is Hoquiam from Aberdeen?

Hoquaim, WA to Aberdeen, MN is roughly 1780 miles by plane

What is an important city in Scotland?

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen

How big is aberdeen?

Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland after Glasgow and Edinburgh and has a population of around 220,000.

Birmingham miles aberdeen?

433 miles Birmingham to aberdeen

What is a city in Scotland?

The two largest cities in Scotland are Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Where is oil Aberdeen or Edinburgh or Dundee?

Aberdeen has been called the oil capital of Europe as most oil operations in the North Sea are centred on Aberdeen.

What is Scotland 3 biggest cities?

Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen

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