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How many miles is it from Columbia South Carolina to Miami Florida?


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How many miles is it to Miami Florida from columbia south carolina?

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The flight time from South Carolina (SC) to Miami, Florida is:1 hour, 37 minutes

Is Columbia still part of south Carolina

No. Central Florida has played South Carolina three times and lost all three: September 7, 1996: South Carolina 33, Central Florida 14 September 6, 1997: South Carolina 33, Central Florida 31 September 1, 2005: South Carolina 24, Central Florida 15 All three games were played in Columbia, SC.

A trip to South Carolina to Miami, FL would be 600-700 miles and be about 10-11 drive time hours. Hope this helps!

The city that is halfway between Greenville, South Carolina and Miami, Florida is Jacksonville, Florida. There is 734 miles between Greenville and Miami.

It iis 719.39 miles according to MapQuest.

The current mayor of Columbia, South Carolina is Steve Benjamin.

Columbia, South Carolina is located on the Congaree River.

Columbia South Carolina Temple was created in 1999.

Columbia is the capital city of South Carolina. Columbia is located in the central area of South Carolina.

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina.

Assuming you mean Columbia South Carolina it takes around 9 hours depending on weather, traffic & stops.

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina

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