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Q: How many miles is it from Florida to the Kalahari Desert?
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How many square miles is the Kalahari Desert?

It covers 350000 square miles.

How did the Kalahari desert form?

the kalahari desert formed from many dry winds :)

What are some special facts about Kalahari desert?

The Kalahari desert is a beautiful place were many people live even though its extremely hot.

How many ponds are in the Kalahari desert?

About 85,000

What is the name of the river in the Kalahari Desert?

There are many dry riverbeds in the Kalahari Desert, many which have been dry for centuries.The only permanent, active, river that goes through the Kalahari Desert is the Okavango River.The river ends in a swamp within the Endorheic Basin in the Kalahari Desert, where the water is either evaporated or transpired.

What are facts about the Kalahari desert?

there are many facts about the Kalahai desertyour mom! that is the answer

What animals are in the Desert in Africa?

The African Kalahari Desert is home to many species such as desert lions and meerkats,

How many people live in the Kalahari desert?


How many deserts are in Botswana?

Only the Kalahari Desert.

What does the Kalahari Desert look like?

It has a lot of sand and has many cacti. Some of the vegetation in the Kalahari Desert is the camel thorn tree, cacti, a few stubby trees, and brush strewn throughout the desert.

How many deserts are there in south Africa?

There are only 2 deserts the Kalahari Desert and the Namib Desert. :)

What desert do people usually live in?

Many such as, the Sahara or Kalahari.

What do Desert people usually live in?

Many such as, the Sahara or Kalahari.

Where is the Kalahari desert and how would you get to it?

The Kalahari desert is located in South Africa. You can probably get a flight to South Africa from wherever you are, and there will be many tours offered from almost all South African airport locations.

How many famous desserts are there in Africa?

I know two. The Sahara and the Kalahari Desert

What kinds of archaebacteria are there in the Kalahari Desert?

there are many kinds of them but there a few that will hurt like aschepesx

What are the most famous places in Africa?

There are many well known places, such as the Pyramids, the Sahara Desert, the Kalahari Desert, Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the many game reserves.

How many miles above sea level is the Kalahari?

I think 227

How many miles from Mississippi to Florida?

How many miles from Mississippi to Florida

What is an isolated desert?

You may want to be more specific with your question. If you mean "What is a desert with few or no people," there are many of them. These include the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, the Atacama Desert, the Sahara Desert, the Kalahari Desert, Gobi Desert, and Antarctica (a cold desert), just to name a few.

What is southern Africa's biggest desert?

The largest desert in Southern Africa is the Kalahari Desert. An arid plateau region, which is 100,000 square miles and extends through three countries, it is located near the Orange River. There are many dry lake beds scattered throughout the desert and grass grows in some parts. The Namib desert would be the second largest desert in Southern Africa. Most of the Namib desert is in the country of Namibia.

What is the difference of the geographical conditions of Singapore and Kalahari Desert?

People living in kalahari desert need to hunt for food.They used poison-tipped arrows and spears to hunt the animals.They need to cover many distances away as the kalahari desert are hardly to find the prey under the extremely hot sun.While people in Singapore just need to buy whatever they need.

How many miles is it from Jacksonville Florida to Clearwater Florida?

By car it is 218 miles from Jacksonville, Florida to Clearwater, Florida.

How many miles from Ocala Florida to Miami Florida?

300 miles

How many miles from deltona Florida to napples Florida?

230 miles