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How many miles is it from Phoenix to Seattle?

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1485 give or take a few miles.
1,515 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-10 WEST from Phoenix to I-210 WEST to PASADENA at EXIT 77B near Redlands, INLAND EMPIRE, CALIFORNIA.
  2. Follow I-210 WEST to I-5 NORTH to SACRAMENTO at EXIT 1A.
  3. Take I-5 NORTH to Seattle. To bypass PORTLAND, take I-205 NORTH (EXIT 288 off I-5 in OREGON).

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The air distance from Phoenix, Arizona, to Seattle, Washington, is 1,115 miles. That equals 1,795 kilometers or 969 nautical miles.

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The flight distance is approximately 1,107 miles.

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The shortest driving distance is 1,425 miles.

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It is 1,410 miles according to Google Maps.

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