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How many miles is there between the state of Washington and New Zealand?


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I had to do a specific search. Closest answer is: between Seattle, Washington, United States and Wellington, New Zealand, as the crow flies: 7228 miles (11632 km) (6281 nautical miles)


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It is about 2,700 miles between Washington, D.C. and Seattle, Washington.

There are a total of 4605 miles between the state of Hawaii and New Zealand. New Zealand is located in the South Pacific ocean.

The miles between Washington state and Texas is approximately 2061.65 miles. The driving time on I-90 is an estimated 32 hrs. 41 minutes.

There are about 1,470 miles between Minnesota and Washington state.

The distance between Maine and Washington (state) is approximately 3245 miles.

The distance in miles between South Korea and the state of Washington is approximately 5166.87 miles, depending on where you are going or coming from.

The driving distance from Sacramento CA to the Washington state line is about 570 road miles.

There are approximately 2,800 miles between Washington State and New York. The estimated driving time is 42 hours of straight driving.

The distance from New York State to Washington State is around 2900 miles.

The distance between Washington, DC and (Seattle,) Washington State is approximately 2800 miles, with an estimated driving time of approximately 42 hours.

DC: 402 miles State: 2547 miles

The distance between Century, Florida and Walla Walla, Washington it is 2,510 miles.

DC is about 600 miles east, state is about 2000 miles west.

The air distance between the US state of Idaho and New Zealand is about 7,300 miles. A direct flight would take about 12 or 13 hours.

According to, it is 2,241.29 miles from Washington state to Maryland.

The state of Washington is 71,362 sq miles (184,827 km²).


There are about 130.708 miles between Auburn, WA and Maryhill State Park.

The Columbia River forms a border between the state of Washington and Oregon. This river is 1,243 miles in length and its mouth is the Pacific Ocean.

There are a total of 4,606 miles between the state of Hawaii and the country of New Zealand. The flight time is 9 hours and 50 minutes.

The state of Washington has an area of 71,362 sq miles.

The area of Washington state is 71,300 square miles.

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