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Around 12000 miles

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Q: How many miles of train track is there in Britain?
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How many miles of train track is there between Cardiff and Manchester - Shrewsbury route?

169.75 miles is the rail distance Cardiff General to Manchester Picadilly via Newport, Hereford, Shrewsbury, and Crewe.

How many train companies are there in Britan?

There are currently nine train companies in Britain.

How many volts are in the live line on a train track?


How many miles is a horse track?

how many acres is needed to bluid a horse track?

How many miles of railroad track were in the U'S by 1840?

There are approximately 233,000 miles of railroad track in the United States and back in 1840 there were 21,000 miles of railroad track

Manchester piccadilly to kings cross London how many miles by train?

It's about 162 miles by train

How many miles is the train in Disney World?

1.5 miles

How many people die on a railway track?

They can get run over by the train.

How many miles is 174 laps around a track?

43.5 miles

How many miles of track was laid for the transcontinental railroad?

68,000 miles

How many miles West is Ireland from Great Britain?

about 30-120 miles depending on where you are in Great Britain

How many square miles is gr Britain?

Great Britain's total area is 88,745 square miles.