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How many miles to outer space?

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Approximately 62 miles.

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How many miles from land to outer space?


How many miles is it from earth to outer space?

very far

How many miles is outer space from earth?

There are 62 miles or 100 kilometers from earth to outer space of its boundary. Astronauts are able to say that they have reached space after reaching the 50 mile mark.

How many miles does it take to get into outer space?

Its 100 km or 62.1 miles straight up from sea level.

Where would you be if you traveled 6 million miles in space?

in Outer Space

What defines outer space?

The Earth's atmosphere gets progressively thinner at higher altitudes, and runs out completely at about 200 miles up, which is where outer space begins. Outer space is surprisingly close; only 200 miles away.

How many miles must a space ship travel from earth's surface to outer space?

I think not quite sure but i heard its something like 26 miles!

What is the distance from earth to outer space?

about 100 miles

Where is Xena in outer space?

It is 1,735,234,712,7034,123,592,654 miles away

How far from earth is outer space in miles?

this question does not make sense. the earth is in space.......

What is the distance from the planet earth to outer space?

About 100 miles.

How many miles is it to space?

The Earth's atmosphere doesn't end abruptly, so there are different definitions. One of these definitions is that "space" or "outer space" starts 100 km from the surface.

How many galxys are they?

ANSWER there are many galxy in outer space so dont ask ......... nothing can go there for miles and miles of trip to count the galaxy so plz dont ask

How many miles are there to get into outer space?

By the official NASA definition, Space is 100 kilometres up from the Earth's surface. At this point the Earth's atmosphere is considered to be negligible.

How many pages does The Inner Reaches of Outer Space have?

The Inner Reaches of Outer Space has 160 pages.

How many pages does The Complete Book of Outer Space have?

The Complete Book of Outer Space has 144 pages.

How many miles is Pittsburgh from the Outer Banks?

There are about 500 miles between Pittsburgh and the Outer Banks.

Can you see the light of the Luxor from space?

Yes you can. You can see it 150 miles in space. From space at least because space starts at 60 miles above the atmosphere. you can see it from there but from outer space which starts at 200 miles you are probably able to but not a great gurantee.

What is after outer space?

after outer space is deep space.

How many pages does Mr. Monk in Outer Space have?

Mr. Monk in Outer Space has 288 pages.

Distance between earth and space?

If you mean the International Space Station, 220 miles, or 350 kilometers. I f you mean space, that has been defined in many ways, 60 miles, 62 miles, 80 miles, 100 miles. For that answer you need to specify what you really need to know. Like where is there no more air, what is the International definition of the beginning of space. At what altitude has a person considered to have been in outer space?

How many space missions to outer space by the US of America space program?


How many hours or minutes does it take a space shuttle to go to outer space?

From liftoff the Shuttle can be in outer space within 7 to 9 minutes.

How many hours to get to outer space?

This depends on how fast you are going first of all, so if we just assume you are travelling in a space shuttle, that travels at 17,500 miles per hour (about mach 11-12) we take that and divide how many miles Earth's atmosphere is. Seeing as how Earth's atmosphere is only 300 miles thick, if we round to the nearest thousandth of a second it will take around 1.02 minutes to fully exit the atmosphere and reach outer space.

How many stars are there in outer space?

There are 20 billion stars in outer space Naaah i woudnt have a qlue noone knows

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