How many millions of years were the dinosaurs present?

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about 65 million years ago was the last of the dinosaurs

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Q: How many millions of years were the dinosaurs present?
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Where dinosaurs and cavemen living in the same time period?

No. Dinosaurs lived from 250 to 65 million years ago. Cavemen evolved less than four million years ago, many millions of years after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Was the Sabre tooth tiger alive when dinosaurs were?

No. Not by many millions of years. Perhaps more than 50 million years.

Is all dinosaurs exstint?

Yes, all dinosaurs are extinct. They all went extinct millions of years ago. The exact cause of why they all went extinct is debated by scientist and anthropologist.

Are the dinosaurs God's creation too?

AnswerThat is a matter of belief. If you believe that God is the creator of all things, then he created the dinosaurs, even though this was many millions of years ago.

When did the brontosaurus become extinct?

The brontosaurus, along with the many other species of dinosaurs, became extinct about 65 millions years ago.

How many dinosaurs roamed the earth'?

Millions over the mass of years they reigned, and new ones are still being excavated and discovered.

How many dinosaurs are on the planet?

There are none living now but when they roamed the earth, there were probably thousands or millions of dinosaurs.

What is the present geologic era and how many millions of years ago did it begin?

Quaternary and it started 16 million years ago

How many millions of years did dinosaurs exist on earth?

On the order of 130 million years - if you don't include the extra 65 million that their direct descendants (birds) have been around.

How many kinds of prehistoric animals were there?

1500 dinosaurs and millions of other creatures

Is a dodo bird a dinosaur?

Not in the traditional sense of dinosaurs, a dodo bird is not a dinosaur. "Classic" dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, whereas dodo birds only went extinct recently (a few hundred years). However, many scientists today agree that birds as a whole are dinosaurs.

How many years ago were dinosaurs alive?

Dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years ago. Dinosaurs were on Earth for 180 million years, but dinosaurs are still here but as birds.

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