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How many mobile national monuments exist in the US?

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"The National Park Service currently manages 391 sites in the U.S. and its territories. 74 of these sites are classified as National Monuments."

Technically, this doesn't answer the above question at all. Only the Cable Cars in San Francisco are considered a mobile national monument. But, again, technically, they aren't a monument. Instead, they are recognized as a national historic landmark.

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How many National Monuments are there in Maryland?

there are 5 Monuments

How many National Monuments are there in Arkansas?

no it is not

How many national monuments are there in Vermont?

There are no national monuments in Vermont. Vermont has one National Historic Park, the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park.

How many National Monuments are there in Florida?

my dick is how many

How many national monuments does Arizona have?


How many national monuments are there in Guyana?


How many National Monuments are there in Massachusetts?


Who administers national parks and monuments?

The National Park Service is in charge of the National Parks and many of the monuments, as well as many other historical properties. The National Park Service was established on August 25, 1916.

How did people react when the national monument was opened?

There are many national monuments. You need to be more specific. Most national monuments can be generally agreed upon as good. Those that are not are decommissioned.

How many National Monuments are there in Montana?

One- Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

How many National Parks and Monuments are in the US?

In total there are 401

How many National Monuments are there in Delaware?

Zip, zilch, zero.

How many national monuments did President Roosevelt create?


How many National Monuments are in the US?

There are 109 National Monuments in the United States. The most recent National Monument was designated by President Obama this year and is the Organ Mountains in New Mexico.

What is our only national monument?

there are actually 5 national monuments 1. Devils tower national monument. 2. Navajo national monument. 3. Statue of Liberty national monument. 4. Fort Mantanzas national monument. 5.Frank ("Boss") Pinkley, Supt. of the Southwestern Monuments. but there are alo many other monuments too

What are five national monuments in Panama?

There are many national monuments located in Panama. These include the Panama Canal, Amador Causeway, Avenida Balboa, Ciudad de Panama and Bridge of the Americas.

How many National Monuments are there in Idaho?

none even though Idaho is great

How many National Monuments are there in North Dakota?

There are no national monuments in North Dakota. There is one national park: Theodore Roosevelt National Park. There are two national historic sites: Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site and Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site.

How many National Parks in Arizona?

There are many National Monuments and Forests as well as four National Parks, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Petrified Forest and Saguaro National Park.

How many National Monuments are there in Missouri?

Missouri has around 30 to 30 landmarks in the state.

How many National Monuments are there in Wyoming?

There are two National Monuments in Wyoming: Devil's Tower National Monument Fossil Butte National Monument There are also two National Parks (Yellowstone and Grand Teton), one National Historic Site (Fort Laramie), and the south district of a National Recreation Area (Bighorn Canyon) in Wyoming.

How many national parks does New Mexico have?

New Mexico has one national park -- Carlsbad Caverns -- as well as ten national monuments and two national historical parks.

How many National Monuments are in Alabama?

The National Parks Service lists eight sites in Alabama that it has jurisdiction over. Only one of these -- Russell Cave -- is a national monument.

Where is the tomb of the unkown solders?

These tombs are to be found in many nations and are usually high profile national monuments

What are the other four monuments beside the Washington Monument?

The Nation is blessed with many National Monuments. In Washington D.C their are the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and a newly opened Memorial to Roosevelt. There are also monuments to all wars our nation has fought in.

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