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How many mobile phone users are there in the UK?


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there are so many mobile phone been sold in the UK so i would say thet there is 100,000 people who are mobile phone owners...

Estimates range from 60 to 80 million phones in use. Nearly everyone has one.


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Ofcom the Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries states that 91% of the UK population are mobile phone users.Thats about 55 million people.

Impossible to answer accurately - since there is no definite way to find ourt who owns a mobile without asking each person. However - if the networks figures are to believed - there are more mobile phones in use in the UK than there are people ! Some users have more than one phone.

To call a Spanish mobile phone, dial 00 34 and then the Spanish number. To call a UK mobile phone that is currently in Spain, dial the UK mobile number the same way you would when it is in the UK.

Just dial the UK mobile number, exactly the same way you do when the mobile is in the UK. The physical location of the mobile does not change the way you dial the number.

Someone wanting to get a cheap new mobile phone in the UK can do so online or at many phone stores. One stop phones is a site, and store in the UK that sells cheap phones.

The LG Voyager mobile phone is not available in the UK. LG Voyager mobile is a CDMA phone, which does not work outside the US.

To call a UK-based mobile phone, anywhere in the world that it may be physically located, just dial the UK mobile numberexactly the same way you do when the mobile is in the UK.

A mobile phone accessories company in UK.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK, and uses the same mobile numbering ranges, so you dial the number just like you would any other UK mobile.

3 Network in the UK is a mobile phone and mobile data service company. The company offers mobile phones and mobile phone and data plans to customers.

Some of the names of mobile phone stores in the UK include Phones4u, Three, Virgin Mobile, Fone House, T-Mobile, CarPhone Warehouse, Vodafone and One Stop Phone Shop stores.

Dial the UK mobile number the same way you would if the mobile were at home in the UK.

This is a UK mobile (cell phone) number.

Mobile camera phones can be purchased in the UK from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell mobile camera phones include HTC and Wired.

Orange Mobile is a Cell Phone Provider in the UK. Yes, they have stores and provide monthly plans and prepaid service.

Any UK telephone number beginning with 075xx is a mobile phone.

Dial the UK mobile number exactly the same way you do when the mobile is in the UK.

You cannot use that phone, if it is from the united states. You can however go and get a universal phone or get one when you are in the uk.

A London mobile number is no different from a mobile number from another part of the UK. An example of a UK mobile (cell) phone number would be something like this: 07 987 654 321.

Some of the most popular mobile phone network services in the UK include Vodaphone, O2., T-Mobile, Orange, Three Virgin, EE, Talkmobile, Tesco Mobile.

This is the start of a UK mobile (cell) phone number.

No. Just call in the normal way and if the phone you are calling has international roaming it will get your call.

If it's an american mobile, dial 001 followed by the number. If it's a UK mobile - dial the number as you would normally. The network will know where the handset is - and will route the call accordingly.

If you're calling a UK mobile phone that happens to be physically in the Philippines, you dial the UK number as normal. The physical location of the mobile does not change how you dial the number. If you're calling a Philippines mobile phone, dial +62 (on a mobile) or 00 62 (on a landline phone), followed by the Philippines number, omitting the trunk prefix 0.

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