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molecules of the three-carbon sugar PGA are formed by the six-carbon sugar formed immediately splitting to form two three-carbon molecules.

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How many atoms in 5 molecules of sugar?

There many types of sugar. If you are talking about sucrose or table sugar there are 275 atoms in 5 molecules.

How many molecules does on mole of sugar contain?

The number of sugar molecules is 6,022 140 857.10e23.

How many molecules of ATP are produced by one molecule of sugar?

38 molecules of ATP are produced by one molecule of sugar.

How many sugar molecules are in a 9 M sugar solution (V1L)?

9 moles contain 54,199267713.10e23 molecules.

How many sugar molecules could be made if the plant was exposed to 600 molecules of carbon dioxide?

480 sugar molecules...... 6CO+6H2O---------------->C6 H12 O6+6O2

How many oxygen molecules were produced when one glucose molecule was formed?

Six oxygen molecules are released when one glucose molecule is formed.

What is composed of many sugar molecules?

This material is the polysaccharide cellulose.

How many ATP molecules are formed in respiration?

36 ATP are formed during aerobic respiration.

How many molecules of oxygen are produced along with one molecule of sugar?

With the production of one molecule of sugar six molecules of oxygen are produced during photosynthesis.

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