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The complete decomposition reaction is as follows:

2 BrF3 → Br2 + 3 F2 , so 2 moles BrF3 will give 1 mole Br2 , hence 0.248 mole gives 0.124 mole Br2

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Q: How many moles of bromine will be formed upon the complete reaction of 0.248 moles bromine trifluoride?
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How many moles of bromine will be formed upon the complete reaction of 0.196 moles bromine trifluoride?

The atoms in the reacts are always present in the products. There is one mole of bromine per molecule and .196 moles of the molecule. Thus, there will be .196 mols of bromine present after the reaction.

What is formed in reaction with aluminum and bromine?

Aluminium Bromide = AlBr3

How is boron trifluoride formed?

By the reaction of Pure Boron with Fluorine:2 B + 3 F2 ----> 2 BF3

What is the chemical formula for phosphorus bromine?

There is no such compound named Phosphorus bromine. It you refer to the product formed in the reaction of phosphorus and bromine, its Phosphorus Tribromide = PBr3

What would be the formula and name of the ionic compound formed when iron 2 reacts with bromine?

The reaction of iron(II) salts with bromine is a redox reaction forming iron(III). The aqueous reaction with bromine water is typical:- 2Fe2+ + Br2 -> 2Fe3+ + 2Br- If you started with iron(II) bromide, iron(III) bromide would be formed

What happens to a bromine atom when it enters a chemical reaction with an active metal?

A bromide is formed.

What is the Reaction of salicylic acid with bromine water?

2,4,6-tribromophenol is formed by the loss of CO2 (decarbonylation).

What product formed when D- glucose react with bromine water?

The product of this reaction is gluconic acid.

How do you identify this type of reaction?

During the elimination reactions of saturated organic compounds double bond (Alkene) or triple bond (Alkyne) is formed to check them add Bromine solution to reaction mixture the decolourization of bromine confirms the elimination reaction

What is the major product formed on reaction of 1-pentene with bromine Br2?

1-bromo 1 pentene

Is KBr a compound or a solid?

Potassium bromide (KBr) is a white solid formed by the reaction of potassium hydroxide and bromine.

What is the reaction of phenol with Bromine?

The hydroxyl group in phenol is an activating ortho/para director, but has some slight steric hindrance too ortho position substitution. Therefore, the predominant product of reaction between phenol and bromine will be 4-bromophenol, if reaction conditions are carefully controlled. With excess bromine, di- and tri-bromo phenols will be formed.