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How many months are nick and miley been dating?


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theyre not dating anymore


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Its most likely how many months that they have been dating their boyfriend

Given the fact that you've been dating since November, 23, I can't answer how long I've been dating.. Modify your question please.

Brighton Smith they have been together many months now.

Nearly 11 months since I'm answering this question. November 23rd

Miley Cyrus has not ever been married.

she is not pregnant the rumor is NOT real at all but if she was it would be so cool what do you think she would name the baby if she was pregnant?

Miley cyrus has gone to jail 7 times.

Selena Gomez does not hate Miley Cyrus. However, many people think that Miley is jealous of Selena for dating her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas, but nobody is sure of this. Who's Selen. Do you mean Selena.

Miley Cyrus does have a thong. She has been photographed many times wearing a thong in public.

she has been in her movie and comin up is the last song

Amanda Sizemore has been casted in many movies, and worked with actors such as The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Moises Aries, and Taylor Momsen. Currently it is heard that she might be dating Moises Aries.

Well as the majority knows Miley have had two boyfriends Nick Jonas and Justin Gaston but there is a third one um it's name is Liam something but they are dating I know that.

There have been many rumors about Miley Cyrus over time. The rumor about her pregnancy is just that, a rumor that is completely false. Miley is not pregnant and has never been.

Nearly two and a half months.

As of May 2012, Obama has been President for 40 months.

That is not information in the public domain

It is doubtful that Jesse McCartney and Miley Cyrus are in a relationship. There are many rumors at the moment but none have been confirmed.

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus is NOT dating nick Jonas, but how every there is a FACT that she is dating a man by the name of Justin.There is pictures of them kissing in the ocean and many other places. It started out as a friendship but now, a relashonship

Many, many times, because she has singing on many concerts and turnés.

many names have been mentioned,that he's dating or he is married to many girlz but hez veryyyyyyyyyyyy

2 daysDemi lovato confirmed to be dating joe Jonas on march 12th , but i think many people believe they have been dating for a lot longer , as they have been seen on servel dates ( mostly double with Kevin and his wife Danielle). so i would say they have been dating around the beginning of this year maybe or around feburary .not at all about 2 monthsAbout 2

how many CD'S sold and the last 6 months

Miley Cyrus has not won and Oscar nor a Grammy. Miley dreams to be nominated for one some day, like it has been said in her autobiography Miles to go.

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