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We average four weeks to make a month. That would make you six and half months pregnant.

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Q: How many months are you when your twenty six weeks?
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What is Twenty six weeks on a year?

Twenty-six weeks is six months.

How many months is twenty four weeks?

There are four weeks in one month. So the answer is six.

How many weeks are in six months?

26 weeks.

How many months is twenty eight weeks pregnant?

Um there are 4 weeks in a month so 27/4 = 6.75 so Six and three quarter months pregnant...YAY MATH!

If you are 24 weeks pregnant are you six months?

26 weeks would be six months. There are 52 weeks in the year and half of that is the equivalent of six months.

How many months are in six weeks?

4 weeks to one month, so one and a half months.

How many months in six?

weeks- 1 1/2

How many weeks is six months?

Hmmm......That's...That's should be 24 weeks ACTUALLY there are 26 weeks in six months ! There's 52 weeks in a year - divide that by 2 and you get 26 NOT 24 !

What is day twiny six how many weeks and days?

Assuming that you mean twenty six, then divide by 7 to get 3 weeks and 5 days.

How many days are in one hundred twenty six months?

3835.125 days in 126 average months.

How many weeks in six months?

6x4=24EDIT: There are 26 WEEKS in six months ! There's 52 weeks in a year - therefore half that is 26 ! There would be 24 if there was exactly four weeks in every month !

You are 26 weeks pregnant today how many months and days is this?

26 weeks is half a year, so that's six months.

26 weeks is how many weeks?

Um ..... 26 weeks. There are 182 days in 26 weeks (about half a year or six months).

What is 24 weeks in months?

24 weeks is equivalent to six months. 1 month has 4 weeks.

How many months did it take the Battle of Vicksburg?

The siege lasted six weeks.

How many weeks are there in six months?

There are 4 weeks per month, so you take 4 x 6 and you will have your answer.

How many hours do bee's live?

Honey bees live for about six weeks in summer and six months in winter.

How many months are you when you are 24 weeks pregnant?

If there isn't more to this question than meets the eye then the answer is: 6 months. (24 weeks @ 4 weeks / month = 6 months) 26 weeks is usually considered six months as that is half a year (only February is actually 4 weeks long). But 24 weeks is 24 weeks it doesn't actually matter exactly how many months it is.

What will be the date six weeks on from the twenty first of December?

February 1

Is Florida extending weeks above the six months of unemployment?


How far along do you have to be to know the sex of the baby?

twenty weeks is the technical time, but boys genitils aren't fully developed until twenty-six weeks

How many pages does Twenty-Six - novel - have?

Twenty-Six - novel - has 388 pages.

How many month is 29 weeks of pregnancy?

One month is equal to four and a third weeks, so 29 weeks equals about six and two thirds months.

Can you change your belly ring two weeks after piercing?

No you have to wait at least six months my sister has one and she has to wait six months.

How many months is seventeen weeks and six days?

you r almost 5th month. To be precise in one day :)