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you can really put an unlimited amount on your robot using y cables, but for competition you can only use 10

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Q: How many motors or servos can be on a VEX robot?
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Cost of vex robotics starter kit?

It depends on which kit you want. The classroom starter kit is $699.99 and comes with all of the materials needed to create, program, and run a VEX robot. The "Radio Control" starter bundle is $299.99, and comes with all of the materials needed to build and run the robot. However, it does not come with the programming software or hardware. The "Autonomous Control" bundles range from $319.99 to $449.99 and contain everything except a signal spiltter, can be used to drive up to 6 devices including VEX motors and servos and the transmiter and receiver kit, which allows a driver to control the robot. The "Dual Contol" bundle, which can run both autonomous and radio controlled, contains everything except a signal splitter and ranges from $419.99 to $549.99.

What is vex robotics?

Vex robotics is a commercially available method of building robots... somewhat like lego mindstorms, only more advanced. you can purchase parts from vex such as motors, frame material, circuit boards, radio controls, sensors, etc. all of the parts are made to fit, which is helpful when building a robot. most of the parts are not as powerful or as efficient as other motors out there, and most of the parts are more expensive. however, as i said before, construction is a lot more simple

How many motor ports vex?

on an old vex brain there are 8 but you can use y cables to use more than 8 motors on a new cortex brain there are 10 motor ports 8 3 wire and 2 2 wire

What do you do if your vex controller won't connect to the robot?

i would suggest getting a new controller and if you don't have one availible order it:)

VEX IQ download problem?

Please answer!!! It's a emergency!!!

In vex robots is gear usage better than none on the motors?

not neccesarily, but if you use your gears correctly you can either get more speed or torque on what is being driven

How make one motor wheel vex robot?

lots of gears, you couldn't get it to turn though with only one motor - you only have two choices forward and backwards

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