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I think 2 so far - The Marine and 12 rounds

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i think 2 or 3 . HOPE THIS HELPED

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Q: How many movies has john cena stared in his whole life?
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In what movie did john cena star in 2006?

John Cena Stared in "The Marine" during 2006.

How many films has john cena stared in?

2 marine and 12 rounds

What is jhoncena whole name?

john cena whole name is john Felix Anthony cena

How many movies john Cena did?

i know 2

Is cena's whole name john Felix Anthony Cena JR?

Yes it is!!!Go to and type in john cena Yeh it is

Amount of movies john cenas stared on his life?

i think 2 or 3. HOPE THIS HELPED

What movies have john Wayne and Dean Martin stared in?

Rio BravoThe Sons of Katie Elder

What are all of the John Cena movies?

Addatude ajustmint five nuck shufel

Whats john cenas whole name?

John cena is 37 years old!

What is is john cenas whole name?

His full name is John Felix Anthony Cena

Is john cena going to be starring in any movies in 2010?

Yes 12 rounds

Who is John Cena's dad?

John Cena sr.