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he was in the music industry for 35 years had 110 albums and 55 number ones. i dont know how many songs altogether though.

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Q: How many music hits did Conway Twitty have?
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How many 1 songs did conway twitty have?

According to the country music chart publications that keep tabs on such information, Conway Twitty had 30 #1 consecutive hits until 1977. Several of those hits were with his singing partner Loretta Lynn.

How many children did conway twitty have?


How many times was Conway Twitty Married?

3 years

How many kids does Conway Twitty have?

Conway Twitty had four children, named Michael, Joni, Kathy and Jimmy Jenkins. He was married three times, but did not have children with his third wife.

What genre of music was popularized by many of the music artists in Nashville Tennessee?

Country music was popularized by many artists from Nashville, Tennessee. Examples are Waylon Jennings, George Strait, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty,, etc.

How many songs did Conway Twitty record during his career?

about 70 or more

How many songs did Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn sing together?


How many number one hits did George Strait have?

George Strait had 57 number one hits, passing Conway Twitty on the all time list. George Strait was number one as of 2009. First of all, How many number one hits DOES George Strait have? Secondly, George Strait HAS 57 number one hits, passing Conway Twitty on the all time list. George Strait IS number one as of 2009.

Did Conway Twitty have the most ever 1 hits?

YES, no ONE HAD MORE # 1 HITS THAN CONWAY TWITTY UNTIL RECENTLY, AROUND 2007, George Strait tied and then passed Conway by 1 or 2 songs. But Conway died too early. He may have had more # 1 hits on the way. George has never had a top ten pop crossover hit. Conway had many. Both are great artists. But Conway is the master as he was more versitile. George Strait's songs tend to sound the same over and over. He can not sing rock, blues, or such like Conway. But George is great western swing. Both men are historical.

Did conway twitty sing and play almost persuaded?

The song "Almost Persuaded" was written by Glenn Sutton and Billy Sherrill, and first recorded by David Houston in 1966. Since then it has been redone by many different singers, including Conway Twitty.

How many number 1 hits did Conway Twitty have?

conway twitty had 55 number 1 hits his last number 1 hit came in 1991 with crazy in love and he also did a music video his first of three music videos his second music video he did was who did they think he was a song about the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley and president Kennedy and Jesus and his last video he did with sam Moore with rainy night in Georgia before he passed away he did a last album called final touches and fans miss him so much and so does his family and so does loretta Lynn miss him she said that conway was like a brother to her an moony and why he is sorley because he died so youg at the age of 59 submitted by patricia hardy from dryden Ontario Canada

What did Conway Twitty accomplish?

He won prizes and Oscars many times for being the biggest twit ever to make a movie.

Has always shied away from the limelight on a personal level and has done the majority of his talking through his music In the singer-songwriter's 50-year career he's?

I believe that it was Mr. Conway Twitty he did not do to many interviews or t.v talk shows because he said that he would prefer his music do the talking for him and that is why he last along time in the music business and he wasn't a bragger about all his number 1 songs over five decades like george strait is a bragger nobody will ever break or match or surpass conway twitty's 55 number 1 records sicerely patricia hardy it is so sad that the best country singer song writer in the world never got honored with a male vocalist award entertainer of the year award or song writeing award or produceing his records but i guiess nashville music industry was jeal;ouse of conway twitty and he knew that so did his family that loved him and his fans loved him to and truly miss him but the musicv industry does not miss him at all in fact george strait is happy that conway twitty is dead an so is the music industry and country radio is happy that conway twitty died on June 5th 1993 i still can't believe that the cma snubbed him like that and so did the opry snubbed him he wasn't even a member of the grand old opry their will never be another singer like conway twitty so shove the so called country singers of today they will never be as good or great as the singers of the 50 60 70 80 when conway twitty died on June 5th 1993 that's when country music died with him sincerely patricia hardy

Who had more hits Johnny Cash or Conway Twitty?

Conway Twitty has more hits than Johnny Cash. Conway Twitty was still hitting the country music charts up into the 1990's. Conway died on June 5,1993 . Conway had 30 consecutive #1 hit Singles on the country music charts between 1958-1977, and with that 30, he would go on to add another 20 #1 hits during the period of 1977-1990. So, Conway had a grand total of 40 #1 hits. Johnny Cash had his share of hits as well. Johnny had 26 #1 hits between 1955-1988. In 1986, Columbia Records dropped Johnny Cash from their company. It was a slap in his face, after making millions of dollars for the company over 30 years. Johnny Cash got even. In 1987, Johnny received the Grammy for, "Best Country Male Performance." Johnny took a full page out in the country music publication, "Music City News," holding his Grammy award, and gritting his teeth, he gave his former record company the "bird." For the majority of his career that remained, Johnny recorded for independent labels, and did videos for some of his songs. Country radio rarely played the records. But, the video channels (including CMT, GAC, MTV, and VH-1), would show his videos for his songs, and they became popular anyway, without country music radio. In fact between 1989-2004, Johnny Cash would take home another half a dozen Grammy Awards, for "Best Country Male Performance." Johnny's last #1 record was in early 2003, with the tune called "Hurt." Johnny Cash died September 12, 2003. Conway Twitty and Johnny Cash were two of country music's greatest singers and songwriters, and they are truly missed by many true county music fans.

How many records did Conway Twitty sell?

16 million rock singles/albums and 35 million country singles/albums. over 51million total single & album sales

Did conway twitty know that he had an anerisim?

no conway didn't know that he had an anerism a blood vessell ready to burst in his stomach he thought it was his gallbladder because he told his wife that he thought it was his gallbladder it is too bad that he didn't know how serious it was because he didn't realise that he would die from it at a young age of 59 years old he is sorely missed by his many fans and country music friends and peers such as loretta lynne his singing partner and friend for over 20 years george Jones Barbara mandrell crystal gail vince gill lorrianne crook charlie chase the statler brothers the oakridge boys tg shepperd kelly lang Reba macentire travis tritt joe diffie bill Anderson and so so many more country music peers and friends he made in country music and of course his children misses him to that is why they are putting on a musical about his incredible life and music so nobody will ever forget him i know i will never forget him he was the best male vocalist song writer and greatest friend and remarkable human being that god ever created i wish i could of met him and the special kindness he showed his fans how much he loved them and appreciated what his fans did for him and noone in todays singers will ever break conway twitty's remarkable record of 55 number one hits not george strait or noone george strait is not a very good singer like the great conway twitty was and miss him dearly sincerely the biggest conway fan in all of Canada patricia hardy i would love to meet the twitty children joni kathy Michael and jimmy and of course his wife mickey that was married to him for 30 years

Great male and female country duets?

Country music fans are familiar with many great duets throughout the years. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. Porter Wagner and Dolly Parton.

How many hits does heavy rap have?

i think that they have alot of hits for there music

How many chapters in the book the twits?

Twitty three

Conway Twitty how many wives did he have?

He had three wives; a very brief early marriage to give his first child a name, a second marriage (to whom he was divorced from & remarried a year later (total about 28 years), and his third to Dee Henry, for seven years before his death.

How many miles from conway Arkansas to Manitoba Canada?

Conway to Winnipeg is roughly 1200 miles.

How many songs did she make that are hits?

Depends on the celebrity, in general, there are more than 1 million hits of music.

How many hits does slipknot have?

if I'm not mistaken, they have 3: Before I Forget Snuff's music video Duality's music video

How many Alabama number one hits?

According to the country music charts, to date, Alabama has had 21 #1 hits.

In which album did Conway Twitty sing hello Darling?

That was the album with the same name! Conway named most of his albums after a hit song(s) on that record. He made 110 albums, some are available on eBay at really reasonable prices! Then, if you have access to one of those new turntable/software programs, you could copy them to cds! My husband and I are in the midst of that process now! I have about 20 of his albums, and almost as many cds, which I listen to at work every day. He's the best!