Nervous System

How many nerves in the body?

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There is an estimated 100 billion in the brain

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How many miles of nerves are in the human body?

How many miles of nerves are in the body

How many spinal nerves are in the body?

The human body has 31 pairs of spinal nerves

How many feet of nerves does the human body have?

About 45 miles of nerves in a humam body

How many peripheral nerves in the body are there?

There are 31 peripheral nerves.

What are the nerves to and from the body?

There are no nerves to and from the body. All nerves are within the body.

How many cervical nerves in the human body?

8 cervical nerves on the right and 8 cervical nerves on the left.  So a total of 16 cervical nerves in the body.

How many nerves in body?

There are over one billion nerves encase in the human body if not more i think.........

How many pairs of nerves are there in the body?


How many nerves are there in human body?

There are over a billion nerves in the human body but no one actually counted the excat measure

How many sets of nerves are located in the body?


How many nerves are present in human body?


How many kilometers of nerves run in your body?


How many cervical nerves are there?

There are eight cervical nerves. These nerves are responsible for controlling various muscles in the upper body, from the head down to the hands.

Where are the nerves in your body?

Nerves cover every inch of the human body.

How many nerves does the body has?

Thousands. Probably no exact number.

How many miles of nerves are there in the adult human body?


How many parts of human body have no pain upon removal from body?

The brain. It has no nerves!

In which part of the body are the nerves found?

nerves are found in most limbs of the body

What do your nerves do in your body?

your nerves send blood around your body to keep you alive

Are nerves everywhere on the human body?

yes their is nerves in are body because if we don't have nerves in are body we won't be to scard watching t.v or other things .

How many miles are the nerves e human body?

45 mate

How many optic nerves are present in a human body?


What is the length of nerves in human body?

There are close to 45 miles of nerves running from head to toe in the body. There are 43 pairs of nerves in this system.

What part of the nervous system extends from the brain and branches to the different nerves of the body?

The efferent nerves extend from the brain to the rest of the body. The afferent nerves return from the body to the brain.

What is the purpose of the nerves?

The nerves help you feel things in your body