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its 5

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Q: How many no of machine cycles are required for LHLD instruction in microprocessor 8085?
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How many no of machine cycles are required for HLT instruction in microprocessor 8085?

5 or more

How many machine cycles are required for jnz instruction in 8085 microprocessor is?

7 for no branch, 10 for branch.

How many machine cycles are required for RET instruction in 8085 microprocessor is?

RET instruction needs 3 machine cycles. One to fetch and decode the instruction(4 T states), and two more machine cycles(i.e. 2*3=6 T states) to read two bytes from the stack(stack is exterior to microprocessor, stack is in R/W memory, so to exchange data with stack needs machine cycles). Thus, RET instruction needs total 3 machine cycles and 10 T-states.

Machine cycle in 8085 microprocessor?

There are following machine cycles of Intel 8085:Input-Output (I/O) Read Machine Cycle:The I/O Read Machine cycle is executed by the microprocessor to read a data from an input device. It consists of 3T states. The IN Instruction uses this machine cycle during the execution. Input - Output (I/O) Write Machine CycleThe I/O write machine cycle is executed by the microprocessor to write a data byte from an output device. It consists of 3T states. The instruction, which sends the data to the output device, comes under this machine cycle. Instruction cycle is defined, as the time required completing the execution of an instruction.An Instruction Cycle will have one to six machine cycles.

How many bus cycles are required for an unconditional or a conditional jump instruction in 8086 microprocessor to be executed?

when conditional jump instruction is executed it has 10 m/c cycles bt when nt executed it has 7 m/c cycles....while unconditional jump instruction has 10 m/c cycles...

Is machine cycle is equal to byte of instruction?

Depending on the particular microprocessor, a machine cycle is the fetch or store of one (typically, one byte) native word. In the 8085, this is a byte fetch or store, plus the overhead in decoding and processing the instruction. In this case, the first machine cycle is four clock cycles, or T states, and subsequent machine cycles are three clock cycles, although certain instruction sequences, such as DAD, require two extra clock cycles.

How many machine cycles are required for CALL instruction?

It depends on the type of architecture and controller u use. It can be found in the instruction set documentation. It requires 18 cycles on the Intel 8085.How_many_machine_cycles_require_for_call_instruction_in_8085

What is the difference between instruction cycle and machine cycle?

an instruction cycle may consist of a number of machine cycles.

What is NOP Instruction stands in 8085 microprocessor?

The NOP instruction is a no-operation instruction. It does nothing to the state of the machine, except to use some time. In the case of the 8085, it uses four clock cycles plus however many wait states are need to access the NOP instruction from memory.

Why DAD instruction in 8085 used three machine cycle?

1 machine cycle for opcode fetch 2nd n 3rd are idle machine cycles as microprocessor is 8 bit therefore it cant perform 16 bit additon in one cycle !!

How many machine cycles do one byte instructions have?

this depends on the processor and the instruction

What are the types of instruction cycle in 8085 microprocessor?

there r 2 types of istruction cycles fetch cycle and execution cycle.

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