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How many number of gods in Abrahamic religions?



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Abraham, if the stories are not entirely made up, was polytheistic, believing in the existence of at least the Babylonian gods Yahweh of war, El Elyon of the mountains, Baal of rain, fertility, agriculture, and Ashera of beauty, mothers, and the sea. Despite this he pledged himself to Yahweh as "elohim", meaning that he selected Yahweh to be first in his life and would not worship the other gods, though he still believed in them. It was the prophet Second Isaiah who rewrote many old books of the Bible to give the appearance of a monotheistic god after Judea fell to invasion. The polytheistic religions associated their gods with territories, and to lose the territory entirely was for the god to be killed. Rather than suffer their god to be killed, the Israelites rewrote their holy texts and invented new books proclaiming not that there shall be no other gods before Yahweh, but that THE LORD was the first and the last, and beside him there were no others. Obviously if there were only one god, and all other religions gods were false, then all the territory would be Yahweh's wherever they went. From Babylonian polytheism, Judaic monotheism was born. Some time later Christianity added new gods, creating a trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Catholicism spread the divinity further, including the Virgin Mother, the Pope, and an ever-growing number of saints into the pantheon. So, the number ranges from 12 to 4 to 1 to 3 to uncountable depending on where and when you want to pick.