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Q: How many omegas produced in 1973 with v8 engine?
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How many omegas are there in a wolf pack?


How many marlin 1894 octagon 44 mag carbines were produced in 1973?


What are the positions in a wolf pack and what do they do?

The leaders of a wolf pack are the Alphas, and there can only be two alphas. There is an alpha male, and alpha female. Only the alpha female is allowed to have pups. There are also Omegas, who are the lower members of the wolf pack. There may be many Omegas in a pack, however, the Omegas are not allowed to have pups. The wolf pack 'family tree' goes like this: Alpha female---Alpha male / \ / / Omegas Wolf pups

How many Marlin 336 0ctagons were produced in 1973?

2,414 Model 336 Octagons were made in 1973 all chambered in .30-30.

How many 1071 Plymouth GTX's were made with 440 engine?

All GTX's produced had the 440 engine.

How many miles per gallon does a 1973 volkswagen bug get with a 1600cc engine?

They Can 30 mpg or more if the carb and engine are tuned properly

How many omegas in a pack?

That greatly depends on the size of the pack. Sometimes a pack can be two or three wolves. Some are larger than 10.

How many 1973 cutlas supremes were made?

Oldsmobile produced 219,857 Cutlass Supreme's in a 2 dr. cpe and 26,099 4 dr. sedans

How many horse power does the 1985 truck 4.3 Liter engine have?

For that year, it produced 155 horsepower at 4000 RPMs.

What is the largest cubic inch engine ever mass produced?

The largest Mass Produced automobile engine that I know of is the Dodge Viper V10. It is 8.4 Liters or 513 Cubic Inches. There have been larger engines produced but not any that were mass produced. In the mid-1960's GMC produced and used a V-12 with 702 cubic inches. It was called the Balaur (Dragon) and some still exist. No stats on how many were made.

How many cylinders does the R22 helicopter engine have?

The Robinson 22 helicopter has a four cylinder pistol engine. The single-engine light utility helicopter was designed in 1973 and has been in production since 1979. The cost of one of these helicopters is about $270,000.

Which company manufactures the Zetec engine?

The Zetec engine is a 4-cylinder engine produced by Ford from 1991 to the present. Originally meant to refer to a specific 4-cylinder engine, the name has been expanded to cover many if not most of Ford's 4-cylinders.

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