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allot, they have illusions that make you have headaches, that makes you dizzy and of course they have Justin Bieber opticle illusions

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Q: How many opticle illusions are there?
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What is The slowest transmission method for broadband technology is satellite is?

opticle opticle opticle opticle

How many pages does The Book of Illusions have?

The Book of Illusions has 232 pages.

How many pages does Necessary Illusions have?

Necessary Illusions has 422 pages.

How many pages does City of Illusions have?

City of Illusions has 160 pages.

How light travels in glass and in wood?

through opticle fiber

How many pages does Illusions - Bach novel - have?

Illusions - Bach novel - has 192 pages.

How many optical illusions work?

As many as you think work!

What are the opticle instruments give example?

Optical instruments include - telescopes, microscopes and magnifying glasses.

What are good questions to ask about optical illusions?

Questions asked about optical illusions; 1: What are optical illusions? 2: What types of optical illusions are there? 3: What effects do optical illusions have on the brain 4: What causes optical illusions?

Where could one go to find scary illusions online?

There are a large number of websites that promise to show one scary illusions. These include eChalk, Mighty Optical Illusions and Eye Tricks amongst many others.

Do illusions affect your reading?

yes they do. How can you read with illusions?

Who uses illusions?

Magicians are experts at creating illusions.