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One pound is 16 ounces. One-quarter of a pound is 4 ounces. Three of them will be 12 ounces.

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What is Cooper cheese?

A sharp white American cheese. Very creamy texture too.

What are the most popular brands of cheese?

White American cheese, mozoarella!!yummy French cheese Camembert, Roquefort,Brie,

What kind of cheese is a good substitute for muenster cheese?

American white, Swiss, provolone, all kinds!!!!

How many carbohydrates are in one slice of white American cheese?

The general census is about 1g of carb per slice of cheese. : )

How long does it take American cheese to grow mold?

american cheese does not grow mold because of its perservitives that the cheese also comes with milk,eggs,and sometimes it would come with a little bit mixing of the colors on the cheese. because of the cheese color is usually white,yello,or orange.

Can a person be allergic to yellow cheese but not white cheese?

Yes. Yellow cheese can contain a yellow die that people can be allergic to. Also, American cheese contains a chemical preserver that people can also be allergic to.

1 gallon of rice weighs about ------- pounds?

According to WolframAlpha, 1 gallon white rice weighs about 116 ounces, or 7.25 pounds

Why does yellow cheese get moldier than white cheese?

because yellow cheese is darker than white cheese.

What is the difference between white and yellow American cheese?

Land O'Lakes yellow American cheese is yellow from the natural coloring from the seed of the tropical annatto plant. That is the only difference between white American cheese and yellow American cheese. Now for the real answer: The true difference between white & yellow is only food coloring, its just a marketing ploy, white sells more in northern areas of the country, while the southerners like the standard yellow, there is no noticeble taste difference. Its a manufacters way to apeal to mozzarella, Swiss or provolone lovers.

How is white cheddar cheese made?

White cheese is made from milk and churned to make cheese

How much is a 6 inch on white bread with turkey ham American cheese and mayo at Subway?

A 6-inch turkey, ham, and American cheese with mayo is 6 dollars at most Subway stores.

Is all cheese yellow?

No, There is blue cheese and white cheese.

Why does cheese have white spots on it?

Cheese has white spots on it because it is made by mold. The mold is normally left on the cheese.

Why is cheese white?

Cheese is typically yellow; the part of a cheese that is white may be from the material used around it while it matures, or because of the cheese itself.

What color is cheese pizza?

Cheese pizza is white

Why is blu cheese white?

Blue refers to the color of the veining. The major portion of the cheese is white.

How do you preparethe Spinach artichoke fondue from The Melting Pot restaurant?

Mix cheese with flour to keep from clumping.Heat 4 ounces of white wine in double boiler.Add cheese.Add a small ramekin of spinach, and artichokes. Stir.

What is feta cheese?

It is a white, crumbly, tangy sheeps milk cheese

Where does macaron in cheese originate?

Macaroni and cheese is an American dish, though it is similar to an English one called cauliflower cheese. Macaroni and cheese's popularity in the United States has been attributed to Thomas Jefferson serving it at a White House dinner in 1802.

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