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You must mean fluid ounces (ounces are weights, fluid ounces are volumes). There are 80 fluid ounces in a UK half gallon. There are 63.999999 US fluid ounces in a US half gallon.

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A gallon is 128 ozs. 128 ozs / 6 ozs = 21.333 (this is your answer)

128 ounces in US gallon.

There are 128 Fl oz in 1 US gallon.

128 fluid ounces equal one gallon.

1 US gallon of water is 128 fluid ounces.

Sorry there are 16 oz in a pint and 8 pints in a gallon equalling 128 ozs in gallon.

1 US gallon is 128 ounces

That is approximately 12 ounces

48 fluid ounces is 0.375 gallon.

Yes, there are 64 ounces in a gallon.

A half gallon is 4 pints.

there are eight half-pints in a half-gallon

So, you have to add 24 ozs to one gallon of water ( which is equal to 128 ozs.) . Since you only have 48 ozs of water, you need to know what percentage you'll have to reduce your other "ingredients". 48 ozs. is 37.5% of 128 so you need to add 37.5% of 24 ozs. to your water. 24 multiplied by .375 equals 9. Add 9 ozs to your 48 ozs of water.

There are two quarts in a half gallon.

2 quarts is half a gallon.

There are 2 quarts in half a gallon

two. there are four quarts in a gallon. two in a half gallon.

There are 2 quarts in a half gallon and 4 quarts in a gallon.

There are 10 fluid ounces in an Imperial half pint. 8 in an American half pint

There are two quarts in a half gallon.

A gallon and half of water is 5,676 grams

One half US gallon is 1,892.7cc

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