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How many oz in a tablespoon?

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ANSWER one US tablespoon = 0.5 US ounces

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How many oz in one tablespoon?

0.5 oz in a Tablespoon

One tablespoon equals how many oz?

1 tablespoon equals about 2 oz.

How many ounces is in half a tablespoon?

A US tablespoon = 1/2 fl. oz. Therefore, half a tablespoon would be 1/4 fl. oz.

How many tablespoon in 1oz?

1 oz of water is approximately 2 tablespoon

How many ounces equal one tablespoon?

What is .25 oz equal to tablespoon?

1 tablespoon equals how many oz?

There are 1/2 ounces in a tablespoon.

How many fluid oz makes 1 tablespoon?

1/2 fluid oz makes 1 US tablespoon.

How many tablespoon is 1 jigger?

It takes 3 tablespoons to equal a jigger. A tablespoon is .5 oz. And a jigger is 1.5 oz.

How many ounces equal 2 tablespoon?

one oz is equal to 2 tablespoon

How many tablespoon in 1 fluied ounce?

A fl oz of water is 2 tablespoon

How many oz equals 1 tablespoon?

About 1/2 ounce equals a tablespoon.

One tablespoon is equal to 1 oz?

No, 1 tablespoon is 0.5 oz.

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