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Dancing on Coral has 291 pages.


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The ISBN of Dancing on Coral is 0670812420.

Dancing on Coral was created in 1987.

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She brought 10 pairs of shoes with her. She did forget the coral shoes that would have matched her dress.

A large coral colony is called coral reef or coral island . There are many types of coral reefs .

Lettuce Coral, brain coral, elkhorn coral, staghorn coral, star coral, fire coral, sea pen, scroll coral, golfball coral, mustard hill coral, rose coral, sea whips, maze coral, rigid cactus coral, orange cup coral.... and many more.

Coral is a marine invertebrate that lives in colonies in the ocean. Coral is both sexual and asexual and many coral colonies reproduce through budding.

There are to many coral reefs to be counted in the state of Florida.

A large mass of coral is called a coral reef. There are usually many organisms living in or surrounding the coral reef.

There are way too many coral reefs in the world to be counted.

there are about 735 species of coral reefs in the world

There are many fish in coral reefs

the coral snake has 20 babys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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