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English Hours has 315 pages.


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Odd Hours has 400 pages.

The Book of Hours has 105 pages.

Eleven Hours has 292 pages.

Dancing After Hours has 256 pages.

Italian Hours has 364 pages.

The English Teacher has 184 pages.

The English Roses has 48 pages.

The English Gentleman has 77 pages.

English As She Is Spoke has 60 pages.

Perfect English has 205 pages.

The English Patient has 320 pages.

The Hours - novel - has 230 pages.

Decline of the English Murder has 188 pages.

The Last English King has 381 pages.

A Rather English Marriage has 288 pages.

Ludmila's Broken English has 318 pages.

Kai Lung's Golden Hours has 312 pages.

The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language has 1860 pages.

The Making of the English Working Class has 848 pages.

The Book of Mormon in English is 531 pages, not including the introduction, index, etc.

Heathen Gods in Old English Literature has 374 pages.

Letters of an Indian Judge to an English Gentlewoman has 158 pages.

There are about 1300 pages in the standard version of the English Bible. Some Bibles have more or less pages, depending on the version and printing format.

it depends on language you have Book of Mormon - but in English - it's 531 pages

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