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The Yipping Tiger has 288 pages.

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The ISBN of The Yipping Tiger is 1-74223-084-9.

The Tiger rising has 128 pages

The Dancing Tiger has 32 pages.

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That is the correct spelling of "yipping" (making barking noises).

It depends greatly on the type size and page size

Generally, Thylacines (as Tasmanian tigers were properly called) did not make any sound. They were heard, on occasion, to make a quick yipping sound. Tasmanian tigers were not tigers, so they did not make a tiger-like growl.

It usually means their in pain.

Yes, they make many sounds similar to dogs. Their normal "noise" is a very high bark or a yipping sound.

Answer this question…How many bones in a tiger

2500 pages are approximately 2,500 pages.

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