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The Tiger rising has 128 pages

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It depends greatly on the type size and page size

Lazarus Rising has 368 pages.

The Rising Force has 176 pages.

Darkwitch Rising has 809 pages.

The Shadow Rising has 704 pages.

Osiris Rising has 348 pages.

Mindstar Rising has 438 pages.

A Rising Thunder has 464 pages.

Prometheus Rising has 262 pages.

Ishtar Rising has 224 pages.

Startide Rising has 462 pages.

Hannibal Rising has 323 pages.

Rising Tides has 433 pages.

Deryni Rising has 271 pages.

The Dancing Tiger has 32 pages.

The Snow Tiger has 296 pages.

Tiger Eyes has 224 pages.

The Teeth of the Tiger has 480 pages.

Tiger Tale has 32 pages.

Irish Tiger has 320 pages.

A Glimpse of Tiger has 223 pages.

Blades of the Tiger has 416 pages.

The Tiger Warrior has 431 pages.

Sharpe's Tiger has 400 pages.

The Yipping Tiger has 288 pages.

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