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about 10000000 pandas could die each year but lucky for them only about 100 die each year


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3 to 10 pandas die in a year

According to Animal Corner, approximately 10,000 pandas die each year, with approximately 7,000 of the 10,000 deaths due to deforestation. this is not true there are not this many pandas left in the wild.

I was doing a report on this and found out pandas die 100 to 1,00 times faster than any other animal on earth i found this out at

55% of the time the female will have a single cub. in 45% of the cases, twins are born. However, female pandas can only produce enough milk for a single cub so the weakest of the twins will be allowed to die.

pandas die because we destroy there habitat.

pandas die because we destroy there habitat.

They made an important law, where if you kill a panda and get caught, you can die or go to jail for life. So either way, you will die. Also, China made a special place for pandas, they made about 5 forests for Giant Pandas. No one can touch those forests EXCEPT pandas. Also, some people, take pandas and take them to the U.S, they could die if they don't get permission. It's sad really. Only about 1,600 pandas are left in the wild. ;( Hopes this helps!

NOOO! Besides research shows that most pandas die within a year in captivity

I have heard of people hunting pandas.

Are you actually serious?!? Pandas are mammals... which means they give birth to live young and feed them on their own milk! But each year, Pandas usually give birth to one cub, and if they have twins, which is quite rare, often the mother abandons the weakest cub and leaves it to die, since Pandas are not strong enough to cope looking after two cubs.

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1 at a time, if one has twins 1 of the 2 is likely to die

approximately 10-20 people die every year from extreme sports but I could be wrong my self

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It all depends tere could be 3,000,000 one year or 1,000 the next well gtg by

Nobody knows what year they will die in. It could be any day of their life in theory.

Pandas frequently have twins but, as the mother can only produce enough milk to feed a single animal, the weakest of the twins will probably die.

many people die from it every year

they usually die at 40-50 years of age

about a hundred a yeareach and everyone of you could die so be careful and WATCH OUT for Black Mold

no because they are cute and cuddly

then we will all cry :'(

save them because they are endangered species and they could soon get extinct if you let them die they would never exist again im with you

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