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the left lung is divided into 2 parts in mammals

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Q: How many parts is the left lung divided into in mammals?
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How many parts is the left lung divided into when it comes to animals?


How many parts is the right lung divided into?


The right lung is divided into how many lobes?

Basic biology here. Right lung is divided into 3 lobes, left lung into 2.

Does the right rat lung have the same size as the left lung?

Lung sizes do differ, but only marginally. This is true of all mammals. Even in the human, the right lung has three lobes and the left has two.

What is the difference between the left lung and the right lung?

The right lung is slighty broader and larger in size and in left lung a cardiac notch is present which is for the presence of Heart. So the left lung is divided into two lobes - superior and inferior lobes while the right lung is divided into three loes - superior, middle and inferior. Right lung is also little havier with weight of 625 gm. and of left lung is 567 gm in adult (an average).

The lungs are divided into?

The right lung is divided into three lobes (superior, middle and inferior), while the left lung is divided into two lobes (superior and inferior) allowing room for the heart.

What body parts had to be remove from brian piccolo when he had cancer?

A part of his left lung

What are the special features of the lungs?

They are on the left and right side of the heart, and the ribcage protects them. The left lung is a little smaller than the right lung because it shares space in the left side of the chest with the heart. Each lung is divided into sections (lobes).

What is the pathway of oxygen through your body?

The oxygen enters your mouth or nose then to your trachea which is a tube that leads the oxygen to your left & right bronchi. From the bronchies, the oxygen goes to the left/ right lung (corresponding to which lung is connected to which bronchi; left bronchi->left lung and right bronchi->right lung) then the lung travels the oxygen to other parts of the body!

Is your left lung smaller then your right lung?

your left lung is slightly smaller then your right lung. So your right lung is a little bigger then your left lung.

How many parts make up each lung?

3 on the right and 2 on the left.

What are the difference between the left and right lung?

The left lung is on the left and the right lung is on the right.

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