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"Most" motorcycles are equipped to accommodate one rider(driver) and one passenger. If you have a side-car then you can have up to three passengers.

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Q: How many passengres are allow on a motorcycle?
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How many passengers allow on a motorcycle?

One on a motorcycle but only if there is an appropriate seat fitted.

If you have a CDL in Tennessee. Do you have to have a motorcycle license.?

A CDL doesn't allow you to operate a motorcycle. You must get the motorcycle endorsement added to your licence.

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15. They allow you to get 3 wrong answers in order to pass.

Is it legal to have blue led lights on motorcycle in Tennessee?

No, it is not legal to have blue LED lights on a motorcycle in the state of Tennessee. Many states in the US do not allow motorcycles to have blue LED lights.

How can one attach luggage to a motorcycle?

Luggage to a motorcycle can be attached by buying various accessories such as clips and rope that will allow for the attachment of smaller bags onto the motorcycle.

How many people can you have on a motorcycle?

Legally 2 if the vehicle permits it so. Unless you have a learners permit which most states will only allow you to ride with no passenger at all or during daytime. Although I have seen as many as four people on one motorcycle in Mexico....

How many tires does a motorcycle have?

There are two tires on a motorcycle.

Why do you have to be older to drive a motorcycle than a car?

There is no simple answer to this question as most european countries allow motorcycle use at a lower age than car use.

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There are two o's in the word motorcycle.

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