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Q: How many people are arrested for littering?
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How can you use the word littering in a sentence?

The boy kept littering in the No Trash zone, and was eventually arrested.

How many people die because of littering?

65% true fact

How did they get the word littering for littering?

put up signs everywhere to say that there is policy against littering so stop doing the littering or stop!! living bad people do littering

Quotes on littering?

"There aren't many things that are universally cool, and not littering is."

How many people get arrested in the UK a year?

in 2014, roughly 1,200,000 people were arrested nationwide.

Do people get charged for littering?

Yes, they do.

How can littering kill people?

yes dont do it.

What do other people think of littering?

Littering is wrong! You wouldn't like it very much if people litttered your yard and you were the only one picking it up.

How people affect the ganges river?

littering. Just 1 simple answer.... littering. apparently some people don't care about the Earth we live on. SAD..... :'(

How many people arrested a year?

A million

How do you stop people from littering?

wotz da ques?

What is the relationship of solution to water pollution?

people littering