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How many people celebrate Chinese New Year in china?

83 percent of Chinese celebrate Chinese new year

What happends on Chinese New Year?

Chinese new year is a very happy occasion for any Chinese family. There are fireworks, lion and dragon dances and a large celebratory meal that many families prepare.

Do all people celebrate Chinese New Year?

No, the Chinese and many Asians do however.

What kind of music do Chinese people listen to on Chinese new year?

cracks of firecracker and many tranditional Chinese songs

Do Chinese people worship Buddha on Chinese New Year?

No, Chinese New Year is not a religious festival; it is a new year based on the traditional Chinese calendar. Not all Chinese are Buddhists, many have different religions ranging from Taoism to Christianity. Therefore, people may worship Buddha on Chinese New Year, but it is not a custom belonging to Chinese New Year, but more of a personal practice of Buddhists.

How many Chinese people go to jail in a year?


How many people order a Chinese a year?

Total population of Earth = 6.8 billion Chinese population = 1.3 billion 0.0015% of the world order Chinese food every day. 3.6 billion people order Chinese food a year.

Why does the Chinese New Year take place?

Because the Earth revolves around the sun, and many people, including Chinese people, want to honor or commemorate each cycle (called a "year" by most people).

How many day does Chinese New Year last?

It's 3 days, but Chinese people get to have 7 days off work.

What activities do Chinese people do on Chinese new year?

The sing and dance .. In many circunstances they climb trees to represent the love of their ancestors .

When did Chinese came to Canada?

Many Chinese People Came In The Year 1880's In Victoria And Vancouver, BC during The Gold Rush.

Do Chinese people worship many gods?

Yes Chinese people do worship many gods

How many animals are in a Chinese year?

The Chinese zodiac is a twelve year cycle with a different animal for each year.

Why did nature kill many Chinese?

Well nature has killed many many people not just Chinese people.

How many people work for the Chinese government?

About 50 people work in the Chinese Government.

Is Chinese people the smartest people on earth?

There are many smart Chinese people, but the smartest people on earth come from many different backgrounds and countries.

Why Chinese people speak Malay?

Some Chinese people do speak Malay because a large percent of people in Malaysia are Chinese, and if they have originally come from Malaysia many Chinese people will have learnt the language.

Im you happy?

There are many people in the world that are very happy that you are happy. This is a great feeling.

Why can't gay people be happy?

Gay people can be happy. Many gay guys that are in relationships are usually happy. I'm gay and happy and single. Sometimes I am not happy but only because I feel lonely.

How many people hunt each year?

kfc, mcdonalds, hungry jacks, subway, chinese, kebabs, and turkish bread

What Chinese people do during Chinese New Year?

The Chinese people have many ways to celebrate this special time of the year, such as putting money in red envelopes to give to children; writing Chinese lucky symbol Fu and putting it on the door. The celebration lasts about 15 daysThere they burn incense sticks and can also have their fortunes told. This tradition is founded in the belief that cleaning the house at this time of year will "sweep away the bad luck.

Who celebrates Chinese New Year?

Chinese around the world and many with descended from Chinese. Also the Taiwanese and some in Buddhism.

Many many happy returns of the day?

There are many people who wish for many happy returns of the day. These people are usually talking about things like fishing.

What do Chinese people value?

The Chinese people value a great many things like honor. Chinese people also value education, tradition, and family for example.

Who likes Chinese food?

Many millions of people enjoy Chinese food.