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How many people are stalked over MySpace Facebook?

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When we we really know EXACTLY? But all kinds of teenagers are being stalked on on theese websites. Even if you set your profile to private , can people hack in

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Is Facebook like MySpace?

Yes facebook is like myspace i believe. Many people say myspace is better, some say facebook is better sign up for both of them. And try them out pick which one you like and submit here. Facebook Myspace

How many people log onto Myspace a day?

not as much as facebook...!

Do chenel hamilton have a MySpace?

No, Chenel Hamilton does not have a Myspace. Many people do not use Myspace anymore. Instead, celebrities interact online through Facebook and Twitter.

How many people log onto Facebook each day?

more than myspace...!

Why is Facebook the best?

Facebook is the best because if you asked like 100 teens whether they have Facebook or myspace about 70% would say Facebook. Not many people have myspace these days as it gets boring really quickly and on facebookyou can like stuff etc.

How many people get stalked on Twitter?

I have been stalked on twitter but most people aren't.

Who uses Email?

Many people use email. It is just not as popular as facebook or myspace anymore. I use it. :)

How many people currently have accounts with myspace?

Though not anywhere near the 1 in 6 people of the world owning a facebook account, myspace still has over 2 million users with accounts. Myspace is in the process of revamping the site.

How many friends does Robert Pattinson have on Facebook?

he does not fave a facebook or myspace all reports to this are false

How many people are stalked online?

A lot

What is Megan Fox real MySpace?

Megan Fox has stated in many interviews that she does not have a MySpace, Facebook or Twitter account.

Is Facebook a knockoff of MySpace?

No Facebook was first made for students of Harvard only to socialize. It was soon opened up for many universities and more and eventually to the public. RIP Myspace

How many people get stalked at parties?

like 2000

What are some good Facebook marketing websites? has a lot of tools for facebook, myspace, and many others.

How many people have a MySpace page?

Everyone who has a myspace.

How many users does MySpace have?

About 200 million, and is a little less than facebook.

What websites are there similar to twitter?

There are many websites similar to Twitter such as Facebook and MySpace.

How can you transfer a video to your community?

There are many ways to do this. Several are, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube.

How many major chatting sites are there?

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and ect. I have no clue????

Is MySpace a good website?

I personally think that MySpace is MySpace you can chat with friends, put music in your profile, and you can customize your profile...the only problem is that not that many people are using MySpace...Most people prefer Facebook.(Which i don't get why cus MySpace is way better and way more fun) but that's just my opinion..but you should try MySpace,maybe you'll like it. Hope I Helped xD

What are social websites for teenagers?

There are many social websites for teenagers. The most common of which is Facebook. Some people use Myspace and Skype as well.

MySpace is not a bad thing?

No Many People Join MySpace

How many people not on Facebook?

There are many people that do not have a Facebook account.

Is it worth getting MySpace?

myspace has been becoming more and more popular, i personally think that even though I have one myspace is so much less than facebook 1. myspace has too many users and they find over 1k predators a day 2. myspace is too crowded 3. facebook is much less crowded and has better applications 4. Even though facebook cant change layouts the apps are totally worth it. I may just pay to have one to just to add friends on and keep up with people

Is Facebook better than MySpace?

A lot of people go to Myspace because they think it is fun and entainment and you should know this, it is DANGEROUS. And other people go to Facebook because it's mostly safe. Well Facebook is much better. Most people reccomended you to go there! In my oppion i recommend facebook,Myspace is VERRYYY dangerous. I have met so many hackers on there. Beware,and facebook is very safe,and good. I agree with the person above me I also agree with the first answer because people on myspace, they just randomly add you as a friend, like this one time, this guy added me as a friend and when i checked his profile, all of his friends were girls except for 4 boys im the last person to agree.myspace could be dangerous and interpropreate and the person talkin to you could be a 40 year old prostitute Yes, face book is better and safer than myspace because in face book, u get to look in other people's profile's but in myspace, u can easly find their location. But with face book, no. facebook is the bomb shizzle!! facebook is way better and way safer thenn myspace!

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