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As of 2008, 160,000,128 people.

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Q: How many people are there in Bangladesh?
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How many people in Bangladesh are unemployed?

About 2.6 million people are jobless in Bangladesh.

How many people are Muslim in Bangladesh?

There are 90% Muslims in Bangladesh

How many people live on flood plains in Bangladesh?

1 / How many people live in Bangladesh?160,000,128 were recorded in 20082/ what does that people?3/ How Many People live in Dhaka?4/ what kinds of work in Bangladesh?

How many people in the Bangladesh?

150.000.000 people

How many people live in Bangladesh?

According to National Geographic, 156,050,883 people live in Bangladesh.

How many Bangladesh people are there in the world?

according to wikipedia,bangladesh population is 162,221,000

How many people died in the 2010 floods of Bangladesh?

53 people died in the flood on Bangladesh 2010

How many people died in Bangladesh in flood?

More than 3,500 People died in the bangladesh floods.

How many people leaving in Bangladesh?

1000,000 people.

How many people visit Bangladesh every year?

about 0.50 million people visit Bangladesh every year

How many people are educated in Bangladesh?

I want answer in connection with bangladesh peopel litres Nos.

How many homeless people are there in Bangladesh?


How many Bangladesh people on Saudi?


How many people died in the 1998 floods of Bangladesh?

at least 2,379 people died in the Bangladesh floods in the year 1998

How many people did the Bangladesh tornado kill?

On the date of April 26, 1989, the Bangladesh tornado killed 1300 people.

How many people died in the Bangladesh flood in 1988?

2,379 were dead in the 1998 flood. (Bangladesh)

How many people use facebook in Bangladesh?

About 20% youth of Bangladesh. I think above 20% of Bangladeshi people are use facebook.

How many gay people are in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is an anti-gay country, where if caught, gay people face life in prison. Therefore, virtually all gay people in Bangladesh are closeted, making it impossible to count them.

How many people in Bangladesh can read and write?


How many people live in Bangladesh 2009?


How many million people in Bangladesh?

160 millions

How many people were killed in The Bangladesh Flood?


How many people are drag addicted in Bangladesh?


How many people died in Bangladesh flood in June 2007?

961 people died after the Bangladesh flood in 2007 and 39 buildings were destroyed

What do people in Bangladesh believe in?

The majority of people in Bangladesh are Muslim (follow Islam) however there are also hindus, christians, buddhists and probably many others.