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How many people are there in China?

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around 1,330,044,544 (in 2008)
how many people does china have

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How many people are in China?

The population {number of people} in China is 13. Billion!!how many people does china have

How many people are in china today?

there are 1,338,584,575 people in china

Is there any Vietnamese people in China?

There are Vietnamese people in China but not many.

How many rich people in china?

7,000 rich people in china

How many people is in China?

how many people are in Virgina.

How many people have died in china?

i do not know y r u aSKIN ME IM ONLY A KID well asking you a questuons was not nothing to get sad about about 2millon people died and china

How many people lived in ancient China?

38765 million people lived in china

How many Hindus are there in China?

About 130,000 people in China are Hindus.

How many people are in the Olympics for China?

There are about 220 Olympians from China.

What recourses does china have?

Although China has many resources to me the one resource that China definitely has the most of is people. There are many people that work hard for little to nothing.

How many people live in china and how many people live in the capital city of china?

About 1,351,000,000/1.351 billion people live in China, and about 11,510,000/11.51 million live in the capital(Beijing)

How many people are farmers in china?

Over 700 million people are farmer in China as of 2008 :)

How many people are in china with the Coronavirus?

about 90 people

How many pepole live in china?

In China there approximately 1,300,000,000 people.

How many Chinese people live in china?

1,338,612,968 live in china

Where do most people live in china city or country?

there is no china city... china is a country And there are many cities in China......

How many people lived in china in 1400?


How many people love in china?

No many :D

How many people in china smoke?

299,999,999,999 smoke in china 3 fourths of those people are kids!

Is their more people in China?

More than where? Compared to the US, China has about four times as many people.

How many people in China speak Mandarin Chinese?

About 850 million people in China speak Mandarin.

How many people die in china each year?

im trying too find what the answer is for How many people die in a china each year?

How many people are staying in china?

The population of China is roughly 1.4 billion.

How many people own automobiles in china?

13,847,972 people

How many people are currently living in China?

Based on July 2009 estimates there are 1,338,612,968 people living in China.