How many people are thinking right now?

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Close to seven billion. It is impossible not to think.
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How many people live England right now?

In the UK its about 56 Million. my guess is that 46 million live inEngland. Correction: as of 2015, England alone had a population of 54.8million. UK total is "65,134,780 as of Saturday, July 23, 2016"(worldometers site)

How many people study Hinduism right now?

There are an estimated one billion people who profess to study someaspect of Hinduism as of 2013. This number has increaseddramatically over the last ten years.

How many people are in the US right now?

Answer . 301,139,947 (July 2007 est.). according to the cia you can find this at their website listed below..

Why do people think segregation is right?

People think is is right because if everyone was being treated equally, why would it matter if they were seperated. Too see why segergation is wrong, review the following: In the Supreme Court ruling Brown vs Board of Education, the Supreme Court overuled the original ruling in Homer vs. Plesse ( Full Answer )

What are you thinking right now?

I'm trying to decide how I want the world to end; a zombie infestation or a nuclear holocaust. The zombies will give me something to do for a while, but it could be fun to try to survive in a post apocalyptic wasteland. How about let's not plan on the world ending. I would rather grow up and star ( Full Answer )

How many people are living in Florida right now?

Florida is the 4th most populated state in the United States. As of2013, the estimated population is 19,552,860. The capital ofFlorida is Tallahassee, with an estimated population of 181,376.

How many people live in New England right now?

It would depend upon what you consider New England, traditionally it is comprised of New York State upwards, so about 35 Million people live in New England.

What rights do you think people should have?

They should be given there God given rights. Anything God gave them the ability to do that doesn't harm other or the person, the should have the right to do.

How many people are in the world right now?

The population of the world can only be an estimate. It changesevery day, so the answer will need updating. On March 16, 2018, a WorldOMeters World Population Clock shows thatthere are 7.6 billion people living on Earth right now. The U.S.Census Bureau population clock indicates there are 7.46 bill ( Full Answer )

How many webkinz are out right now?

about 60 webkinz and 25 lil kinz a lot retired though. Like the samoyd, it was only out for what like a month?

How many people are unemployed right now?

20 000 000 Is any particular date associated with this number or is 20,000,000 simpply where the dart landed? Standing alone, the number is meaningless. A source would also be informative.

How many websites are there right now?

No one knows. Some people make websites but don't publish them. There are over 1,000,000. I know that. Who ever awnserd this made a guess, but its in accurate. the more acurate awnser I have found at DO NOTE THESE ARE OF 2010. But i ( Full Answer )

How many people are hungry right now?

13% of the population or 963 million. Far too many when FAO statistics show that one and a half times the food necessary to provide everyone on earth with a nutritious diet is being produced. .

How many people are using the Internet right now?

Large numbers of people use the Internet all over the world. In 1995 only 16 million people accessed the Internet. But only 10 years later, more than 1 billion people had signed on as regular users. And in the next three years another half billion people were added to the ranks [source: Internet Wo ( Full Answer )

How many people think its right to have guns in their homes?

In the US, about one third of all the people own a gun, so I would suspect they think it is right. Addendum: I suspect rather more than that think it's right in the sense that they think it's fine for people who want guns to have guns to have them. I don't personally own a gun, but I am generally ( Full Answer )

What do people think about Winston Churchill now?

Churchill is rightly regarded as a great Statesman & speechmker. His leadership in WW2 was exemplary. He is perhaps the greatest leader in political terms in history.

How many people have the swine flu right now?

That is unknown. The specifics and counts of cases are no longer being tracked by CDC, WHO, and most US states now that the pandemic has been declared over. Influenza cases are monitored, but specific H1N1/09 counts aren't available separately from other influenza reporting any longer.

How many people are on the computer right now?

Ha ha ha ha. That one made me smile and you will never know howmany, just like you will never know how many licks it takes to getto the center of a tootsie lollipop :) Thanks for making me daythough :)

How many people are up right now?

If you consider that there on about 6 billion (6,000,000,000) people, give or take, on the Earth, and you assume an average sleep time of 8 hours, then two thirds of the population are up at any one time. This is about 4 billion people.

How many people are watching tv right now?

well,apparently you can never answer that question because every second someone's turning on their t.v.! You would have to be a person who has to be in control of people's televisions.

Why do people think Science is right?

You are asking this question on a computer, hooked up to a world wide web of individuals, all who in the main live in comfortable, climate controlled homes and have an average lifespan longer than in all history. The lowliest American living on food stamps in a section 8 apartment typically has m ( Full Answer )

What is your mind thinking right now?

My mind is thinking that if your on this site you shouldn't be asking stupid questions that you think are going to be funny because there's going to be some crazy mind reading answer. Or if your like me where you type in a question that you know isn't answered so you can answer it yourself and say r ( Full Answer )

How many people are dying right now?

unfortunatly probably a lot but idk how many are in the world ive been curiouse about it too but i think theire going to heaven

Is there people writing the answers right now?

Are people writing answers on internet or not. the worlds best answerable website.People like who want answers for their respective question are not exactly coming to the point,yesterday I was searchind for the definition of ram and ROM but the answers are just rubbish people on differen ( Full Answer )

How many people live in new zealand right now?

A little over 4 million at the moment, but because of the Christchurch earthquake occurring close to what was to be census day, the census was postponed. Date yet to be announced. So any figures are uncertain. update - The authorities believe the number is currently about 4 400 000.

What do people think of Nelson Mandela now?

hes right! and he ust 2 be a terrorisst but he realised tht was wrong so hestarted on somet else like getting rigght for blacks cause he was black!

What am i thinking right now?

let's see.... i am thinking if you will solve this or not! its so easy to tell i wrote the question because then i cannot answer it!

How many people have modern warfare 3 right now?

Well a mass of people went and bought it when it first came out, the first from the tally at my school showed that 15+ out of 300 people bought it, as with population, the amount of gamers goes up each day. I believe its up around 300,000-70,000 because the British, Canadian, American, and other peo ( Full Answer )

How many people are alive in India right now?

It is impossible to get an exact number. The estimated population of India at any time can be found on the Indian population clock, which is located on the link below.

How many people are there in nsw right now?

More than 6.5 million people now live in NSW, making the state home to more than one-third of Australia's population, the 2006 census has revealed.